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Deontay Wilder willing to travel to England to unify titles against Tyson Fury

Deontay Wilder says he'll have no problems going behind enemy lines as a heavyweight champion, willing to defend his belts on any turf.

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

If Tyson Fury emerges victorious in his mandated rematch with Wladimir Klitschko, Deontay Wilder says he's perfectly willing to unify titles with Fury over in England -- Fury's home turf. Tyson Fury showed up to the Wilder-Szpilka fight while emphatically labeling both fighters as bums, but he sure traveled a long way to watch those so-called bums. And after Wilder KO'd Szpilka in the 9th round, Fury crashed the post fight interview, getting into a shouting match with Wilder, an obvious pretext for a future heavyweight title unification bout.

"I'm willing to come over there. If he wins, I'm willing to come over there to take the titles. I'm very comfortable with England -- I've got a lot of friends, a ton of fans," said Wilder.

"I feel that when they say heavyweight champion of the world -- that's a world traveller, not just in your home country. When my legacy's over and done, I want to be labelled as someone who went behind enemy lines, fought everybody and had great exciting fights every time I came back."

Wilder goes on to say that his ultimate goal is to bring back the prestige of the glory division by unifying the heavyweight titles, and he strongly believes that he's the man to do it. He also says that once he does accomplish this, he'll be remembered as the man who "brought boxing back single-handedly."

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