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Bad Left Hook Podcast #25 (Feb. 8, 2016): Thoughts on Broner, Martin-Joshua, and more

The boxing world is slooooowwww right now, but let's talk about stuff anyway. Tradition and all that.

HEY! It's Monday! Podcast day. What does one talk about on a boxing podcast when so much nothing is going on in boxing? Boxing. One talks about boxing.

Today's show is short, because again, not a whole lot to talk about. But I've got some thoughts on Frankie Gomez, Charles Martin, Anthony Joshua, and Adrien Broner, so if you've gotten used to my midwestern tones on your Monday mornings, fear not, I am here. I am here for you.

HEY! Send me some questions to for Wednesday's show. We'll do a good old-fashioned Q&A dump episode on Wednesday. Even if something bigger comes up to take up some time, we'll still do the Q&A dump. Give me something to talk about. Feed me, Seymour.

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