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Kell Brook says Amir Khan fight can still happen

Though disappointed he wasn't able to land his long-awaited fight with Amir Khan, Kell Brook says the fight between them can still happen after Khan takes on Canelo Alvarez.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Kell Brook was surprised as anyone to find out Amir Khan opted to take on Canelo Alvarez, particularly since he thought their own negotiations were progressing nicely. And in light of the news, he can't help but admit that he feels badly for the boxing fans who had been await their own showdown.

"I'm gutted for all the fans," Brook told Sky Sports News HQ. "We all thought we were going to make the fight this time and we were very close to getting a deal done, but he's jumped up a few weight divisions to fight Canelo -- in a fight I don't think he can win."

"I wish him all the best for this fight. It's a dream fight because Canelo is up there as one of the best in the boxing world, so let's see what he can do with him."

Now in an effort of full disclosure, I should mention that Brook's teams and Khan's have vastly different views on how their negotiations were going. Khan and his father have gone on record saying that Brook's promoter, Eddie Hearn, had offered him a £10M pound minimum for the fight, but that when they went into full negotiations, Hearn was unable to deliver the sum he'd promised. Hearn disputes this claim.

So whatever the truth of the matter is, we know that Khan will be fighting for the middleweight championship, and Brook says he's still willing to face Khan afterwards.

"I respect him for taking the fight and once he's got the fight out the way, who knows? We could still sit down and make the fight happen."

But will Khan be damaged goods after the Canelo fight, or as Khan suggests, the biggest name on the planet after he wins?

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