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Keith Thurman: Shawn Porter won't be able to bully me into a victory

Keith Thurman breaks down Shawn Porter's resume, saying his best wins at welterweight were against blown-up 140-pounders. Thurman predicts that Porter won't be able to have that same success against him.

Harry How/Getty Images

The highly-anticipated welterweight showdown is on tap for March 12th between WBA welterweight champion Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter. And with Thurman completely focused on the task at hand, he gives his thoughts on Porter, particularly what he sees in Porter's resume at 147lbs.

"Let's look at it, he was IBF welterweight champion of the world, but he never fought at 140. He got the IBF championship of the world from Devon Alexander, who did compete at 140 pounds. You take Devon Alexander, you take Paulie Malignaggi, you take Adrien Broner and none of these boys were actual welterweights. What do they have in common? - None of them were able to defeat Shawn Porter."

Thurman then goes on to say that this is because Porter is a legitimate welterweight and when he went up against another legit welterweight in Kell Brook, he promptly lost his IBF title that Brook continues to sport.

"Now, what is Kell Brook? (the man to defeat him) He's not a little guy. He's got great height and he's got great reach for 147 pounds. He was able to hold his ground in the Shawn Porter fight, so eventually he was able to land his punches and start to take over.

Thurman likens himself to Kell Brook in that respect, and says that Porter won't be able physically impose himself like he's done on smaller fighters.

"I look at myself a little like Kell Brook. I'm a legitimate welterweight and Shawn Porter is not going to be able to bully me into victory."

With Floyd Mayweather retired and Manny Pacquiao on his way, this fight could go a long way to determining the future of the welterweight division. Who are you picking in this fight?

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