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Leo Santa Cruz breaks down Canelo-Khan fight

Leo Santa Cruz admits he thought the initial announcement of Canelo-Khan was just a joke, but now that he realizes it's official, he gives his thoughts on the fight.

Leo Santa Cruz on Canelo-Khan:

"Khan, I think he's taller than Canelo, but Canelo is bigger, really big. I think Canelo is gonna hurt him. Khan gets hit with those big hooks and Canelo throws those big hooks really good. And then [Khan] is jumping from 140/147 to 155 so I think that's too much advantage [for Canelo], unless Canelo never catches him."

Santa Cruz on whether he see's any way this fight turns out like Pacquiao-De La Hoya:

"It could be possible, but it's hard. Because Canelo isn't the type of fighter that throws a lot of combinations, he only throw one, two, or three - that's it, he don't throw more than that. If he don't catch you, he won't throw more punches. I think to catch Khan you have to be one of those fighters that throws combinations but I still think Canelo's gonna hit him."

Santa Cruz on his thoughts about the catchweight title fight with no rehydration clause:

"I think they should do the weight so it can be more even, maybe a rehydration thing...but that's up to them."

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