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Shane Mosley: Shawn Porter the strongest welterweight I've been in the ring with

Shane Mosley talks a little about that Keith Thurman-Shaw Porter fight and Porter's preparation. Mosley, who has spent time in Porter's camp doing sparring, rates Porter as the physically strongest welterweight he's ever been in the ring with.

Shane Mosley takes a minute to talk to FightHub about the Keith Thurman-Shawn Porter fight, and with him spending some time in Porter's camp, Mosley gives a few insights about Porter.

Shane Mosley on Thurman-Porter:

"I think it's gonna be a terrific fight. I think that both guys are passionate about the game and they really want to win and be that top guy. This is the fight for the top guy at welterweight. Actually, pretty much they're fighting for Floyd's belt...and they're both great guys"

On being in camp with Shawn Porter:

"We sparred today like seven rounds, we were working on some things, working on some things, movement and things like that. What I know about Shawn is that he works very hard...and he's a good listener too. I think he's gonna do very well."

On how hard Shawn Porter hits:

"Shawn Porter's strength and power ranks among the top of the welterweight division...he's stronger than I think anyone I've been in the ring with as far as welterweights are concerned. He has very good punching power as well. I know there are certain things that can make him punch even harder, but even when he gets in the ring and fights these guys he punches very hard where he knocks them out, he wears them down...the strength and power that he has and the will that he carries inside himself -- it very, very strong."

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