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Bad Left Hook Podcast #39 (March 11, 2016)

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What's happening this weekend? Y'know, a little. Not a lot. But let's talk about it.

HEY! It's Friday. And the news is still slow. And no big fights got signed for this weekend between Wednesday and now. So yes, the podcast is here. And yes, it is another show where I'm just talking about stuff for around 20 minutes.

If that interests you, then good news! If not, well, hey, listen, screw you, pal, like, I'm trying my best, you know, man? Anyway, I have a few thoughts on Zab Judah's comeback, David Lemieux's comeback, Terry Flanagan vs Derry Mathews, and Juergen Braehmer. That's all stuff happening tomorrow.

We will have some interviews back for next week and hopefully it'll be a bigger news week, since this week was pretty much deeeaaaaad. Enjoy! Thank you for listening!