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Flanagan vs Mathews: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Terry Flanagan defends the WBO lightweight title against Derry Mathews at the top of the card today in Liverpool.

Frank Warren Promotions

Today beginning at Noon EST, BoxNation (UK) will have live coverage of the card from Liverpool's Echo Arena, headlined by WBO lightweight titleholder Terry Flanagan, who defends his belt against countryman Derry Mathews.

Flanagan (29-0, 12 KO) has emerged as one of the world's top lightweights, beating Jose Zepeda for the vacant WBO belt last July, when Zepeda suffered a shoulder injury. He then trounced Diego Magdaleno via second round stoppage in October, making a successful first defense of the belt.

Mathews (38-9-2, 20 KO) has won four straight fights himself, beating Martin Gethin, Adam Dingsdale, Gyorgy Mizsei Jr, and Tony Luis in 2014 and 2015. The 32-year-old Liverpudlian will have home field advantage against Manchester's Flanagan, fighting for the seventh straight time at home in Liverpool.

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Terry Flanagan def. Derry Mathews by unanimous decision (117-110, 115-112, 117-110)

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Round 1: Flanagan met with a very hostile reception in Liverpool, where Mathews is the hometown hero. Both guys stake their ground at mid-ring to start. Flicking jabs out. Flanagan coming forward and backing Mathews to the ropes, but Derry off without anything much happening. Flanagan comes in with a straight left that misses, and a follow-up right that does not and catches Mathews off balance a bit. Flanagan is definitely the man pushing forward to start. Mathews letting his hands go, coming up short. Right hand from Mathews slips in. Flanagan with a left to the body. Right hook from Flanagan gets in. He's letting that fly after lead lefts very nicely so far. Flanagan 10-9

Round 2: Mathews with a little hook, then gets a right hand to graze off Flanagan's jaw. Tying up in the middle of the ring now, Flanagan getting a telling off. Mathews with a right again. He's timing his shots nicely to start this round. Flanagan strays a bit low with a left. Good left hand from Flanagan gets in. Now there's a hard tackle to the canvas by Flanagan. Both guys tangled up and really went down fairly hard there. No big ordeal out of it though. Flanagan is dirtying this up to attempt to disrupt Mathews' timing, and Flanagan came back well once he started getting that stuff done. Close round, but I liked Mathews here. Mathews 10-9, 19-19

Round 3: Still sort of a tense fight, but both guys probing with shots at the very least. Flanagan with some nice work to the body and he has Mathews in the corner, turtling up. Flanagan warned for, uh, something. I couldn't really tell at the camera angle what he might have done. Left to the body from Flanagan. Little right up top from Flanagan, nothing on it, just a poking shot. Left to the body again from Flanagan. Flanagan 10-9, 29-28

Round 4: Right hand from Flanagan. Mathews having trouble establishing any rhythm with the fight at distance. Flanagan isn't doing a ton, but he gets in and out much better, even if it's just here and there. Mathews swings a right to the body, misses. Jab from Mathews. Left to the body from Flanagan after a jab upstairs. Mathews backs Flanagan to a corner for the first time, Flanagan ties it up to reset, then comes forward to erase any thought of his just being backed down. Flanagan with a left hand inside as they both turn. Another left sneaks in. Flanagan with a swiping left to the body, they tie up again. Flanagan once again being warned for his tactics. Mathews saying he was hit low, gets a moment to recover, then back to action. Flanagan back on the attack, backing Mathews down again. Another left to the body, sort of a pushing shot. Flanagan 10-9, 39-37

Round 5: Flanagan is doing dirtier work. Also doing legitimately better work. But he could get a point docked soon if he's not careful. Flanagan with a clean left early in the fifth. Flanagan landing, keeping his hands busy at the moment. Flanagan lands a series of jabs and an uppercut. He's really taking control of the pace in this fight, but Derry getting desperate may be his best shot, too, and he's starting to do some work now. Flanagan lands a counter left. Crowd really rooting Mathews on as the round ends. Flanagan 10-9, 49-46

Round 6: Mathews lands a good shot to the head. Flanagan ties him up again. Every time Mathews does land something decent and is in range, Flanagan shuts it down. Right hook to the body from Flanagan, then a left to the body. Mathews getting more aggressive. 1-2 from Mathews. He's doing much better this round. And it's getting dirtier again, too. Flanagan with a left to the body. Mathews 10-9, Flanagan 58-56

Round 7: Flanagan boxing better, getting his rhythm back, landing jabs and follow-up shots, moving his feet and keeping Mathews off balance and out of range. Mathews eating shots as Flanagan picks and pecks and moves. Flanagan pumping the jab more this round. Heads clashed a bit a moment ago. Mathews trying to throw while they clinch up again, round ends. Flanagan 10-9, 68-65

Round 8: Mathews coming out very aggressively to start the round, let's see if he can make that stick or do some real damage. He could use something big. Flanagan stuck on the ropes, Mathews doing his best to land. Flanagan now coming back with some good body shots. Mathews with a good right. Scrappy round here. Flanagan strays low again. Another warning, apparently the last one. He very easily could have been docked a point there. Right hand up top from Flanagan, now back to the jab. The more visible, eye-catching work is definitely coming from Flanagan in this round, at least after that early bit where he was on the ropes. Another tie-up and Flanagan again throwing a forearm. And he's docked a point. He earned it. He's been all elbows and forearms and low blows and rough clinches. Well, not ALL. He's also been the better boxer. Flanagan 10-9, -1 for Flanagan, 77-74

Round 9: Flanagan moving forward to start the round again. Jabbing again and working clean for the moment. Flanagan warned again for his tactics. He could be nearing a shock DQ. Both guys landing shots in close now, trading a bit. There's a body shot and a right hook from Flanagan. Flanagan 10-9, 87-83

Round 10: Flanagan coming out landing clean shots with the left again. He's really dictating the pace of this fight now. Just good, clean shots landing pretty consistently. The fight should be his to lose at this point, but I guess you never know. Flanagan 10-9, 97-92

Round 11: Pretty much a dominant round for Flanagan here, as he's got the fight in total control. Mathews has really struggled to get any rhythm in this fight, in part, again, because Flanagan has disrupted that with some dirty tactics, yes, but he's also just outboxed Mathews handily. Flanagan 10-9, 107-101

Round 12: One more round to Terry Flanagan. The fight should be his. It would take quite a bizarre batch of judges to come up with anything less than a clear Flanagan win. Flanagan 10-9, 117-110

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