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Zab Judah and promoter Roy Englebrecht suspended by NSAC

Zab Judah, who had been planning a comeback fight for quite some time now, will remain on the sidelines after this latest fiasco.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

You might have heard that Zab Judah's fight schedule for this past weekend was scrapped in the eleventh hour because of "eligibility concerns." Well it turns out that those concerns boiled down to Judah and promoter Roy Englebrecht providing false licensing documents to the Nevada State Athletic Commission, prompting the commission to suspend both men.

Both Judah and Englebrecht have a hearing set for March 23 where the commission will outline their complaints against them. Bob Bennett, executive director of the commission, wouldn't go into many specifics about the documents in question citing pending litigation, but he did accuse both of "egregious acts." Bennett goes on to suggest that Judah may have his boxing license revoked but stated that he wasn't in danger of a lifetime ban.

"It's really too bad for the fans, for the network and for the sport of boxing," Bennett said of the situation. "But the Nevada State Athletic Commission has always prided itself on the health and safety of the fighters and having integrity be at the forefront of our rules and objectives and our mission statement. Once you see the findings that we have to date, I think it will be very evident in why we had to take this action."

This is just the latest setback of many for Judah who signed with promoter Greg Cohen last year only to never make into the ring for three scheduled fights while under the company's banner. Judah wound up splitting with Greg Cohen last month to go his own way and was promptly scheduled for his past weekend's would-be main event -- but then this had to happen. Judah, 38, is now an aging fighter who hasn't looked good in the ring for a few years and will now be facing even more prolonged inactivity. That can't be good news.

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