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Robert Garcia: I know Marcos Maidana doesn't love the sport

A recent photo of Marcos Maidana surfaced showing him as large as ever, prompting his trainer Robert Garcia to admit that his fighting days are likely over.

Al Bello/Getty Images

If any of you are waiting on the return of Marcos Maidana, don't hold your breath. A recent photo of the Argentine slugger shows that he's not even close to being in fighting shape, nor even attempting to be, likely spelling the end of his boxing career. When his trainer Robert Garcia was shown the photo, he says that he's not surprised that Maidana is so heavy right now and that he wouldn't want him to fight again.

"Maidana doesn't have to fight anymore," said Garcia, who has not spoken to Maidana recently. "And I support him. If he never fights again I totally understand that. He wasn't that fighter that loves the sport anymore. He did it because he was just good at it and he was getting paid good. His last three fights were the win against (Adrien) Broner and then two huge fights with Mayweather- that's all he wanted. That's all he needed. If he ever fights again, I think it's because maybe people are pushing him to fight again."

Garcia goes on to tell a story about how Maidana was leaning towards retirement several years ago, but that his handlers really wanted to give him one last push to make a run in boxing.

"I just know for a fact that since the first time they brought him to me (after he lost a decision to Alexander in 2012)- that's the first thing his manager told me- ‘Look, this kid already wants to retire,'" Garcia recalled. "‘He doesn't want to fight again. So we want him to have another shot with a new trainer.' So when he came to me, things changed. He was at the gym, all the fighters around him motivated him. But I know he doesn't love the sport."

In addition to Garcia saying that Maidana doesn't love the sport, he adds that Maidana doesn't even follow it. Maidana supposedly had no idea who Adrien Broner was when he took that fight, nor who Keith Thurman was when that fight was brought to him back in late 2012 (a fight Maidana's team turned down because they felt there was little upside back then).

So although Marcos Maidana may not have officially announced his retirement from boxing, with each passing day and pound added, it's only more and more likely.

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