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Paul Williams comes back to boxing as a trainer

Paul "The Punisher" Williams will be returning to the sport he loves after a 2012 motorcycle accident left him paralyzed from the waist down.

Al Bello/Getty Images

Paul Williams, once regarded as the most avoided fighter in the sport, will be returning to the sport of boxing as a trainer when he leads Justin DeLoach (13-1, 7 KOs) into his March 25th ShoBox card against against Dillon Cook (16-0, 6 KOs). Williams had been fan favorite not all that long ago -- a lanky 6'2" southpaw known for his high volume punching and big smile -- who was more than a handful at welterweight and junior middleweight. Unfortunately, a 2012 motorcycle accident ended his promising career as he was paralyzed below the waist. But now Williams begins a new chapter, guiding a young fighter through combat which carries its own unique set or challenges.

"I'm scared all over again, like this is my first fight," the 34-year-old Williams said in a press release. "Now, I have to think about everything that (my former trainer and manager George Peterson) was thinking about when I was fighting. I have to try and teach Justin what I knew how to do."

Naturally it took some time and convincing for Williams to get over his resentment stemming from his life-changing accident, but he's happy to now be turning the page and getting back into the sport he's always loved.

"I guess I was being selfish at first," Williams said. "I didn't want to deal with the fight game. I wanted to be the one fighting. But that changed...Look, I always feel good,'' he went on. "What's happened has happened. It is what it is. This is my first time stepping back into the world. I love boxing."

Williams says he wants to be a trainer that puts his fighter's interest first and foremost and doesn't necessarily want his fighter to emulate his go-for-broke style. Williams would prefer to see his man come out of the ring in the same condition he entered it, win or lose.

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