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Nacho Beristain: Cotto beat Canelo, dark forces came together to screw him!

Nacho Beristain says he knows Miguel Cotto was screwed in his decision loss to Canelo Alvarez, citing the "dark forces" of boxing.

Our colleagues at FightHub caught up with legendary trainer Nacho Beristain to ask about how Juan Manuel Marquez is doing and to get his thoughts on much talked about Cotto-Canelo fight. Here's what he had to say...

Nacho on the photos of Juan Manuel Marquez playing soccer and what it means about his physical condition:

"Yeah, there he is, out and about playing with that knee...He can get in shape. The times he's been at the gym and trains for 15 days he looks very good.

On his thoughts about the Cotto-Canelo fight:

"I feel Cotto won. For many Mexicans that love boxing and know about technique, Cotto won. But a lot of people had a backroom agreement to screw him."

"I believe that watching the fight closely, analyzing it, Cotto won in the long, short, and medium distance...For the day that he fought Canelo and won, and I'm sorry, but I believe the dark forces came together to screw him."

It's clear that this fight is still hotly debated amongst boxing fans and insiders, with a number of fighters and trainers saying that they had Cotto winning the fight while others are adamant it was a clear win for Canelo. I happened to score the fight a draw for BLH.

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