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Freddie Roach: Pacquiao's right hand is now stronger than his left

Freddie Roach apparently feels great about Manny Pacquiao's recovery, stating that Pacquiao is throwing his right hand even harder than his patented left.

Jeoffrey Maitem/Getty Images

Whatever Dr. Feelgood did or gave to Manny Pacquiao, sign me up! Trainer Freddie Roach is so amazed at Pacquiao's recovery from a torn rotator cuff that he's saying that Pacquiao is firing the right hand harder than ever before. Might this be enough of a storyline to drag Mayweather out of retirement for a sequel? I shudder to think...

"I don't know what his surgeon did with Manny's right shoulder but he is firing his right with authority and strength. I never thought I would say this but I think it's stronger than his left," trainer Freddie Roach said on Thursday after overseeing Pacquiao's eight rounds of sparring against Ghislain Maduma and Haskell Lydell Rhodes.

Pacquiao is slated to add top prospects Frankie Gomez and Jose Ramirez to his sparring schedule next week, and should have plenty of good work to prepare him for his April 9th meeting with Tim Bradley. Pacquiao has mostly remained steadfast in his announcement that this will be his final professional fight, and says that he wants to finish Bradley with a bang, something we might refer to as a "GOOM" here at BLH.

"If the opportunity presents itself I will go for the knockout," said Pacquiao, the only fighter to win world titles in eight weight classes. "I know the fans want to see an exciting fight and I want to give them a most exciting fight and an explosive finale they will always remember."

Now that Pacquiao is back to boxing, and no longer publicly deriding homosexuals, he just might be able to garner enough interest in his last fight so that the PPV doesn't completely tank. It should be an uphill battle though, as this third fight was never high on the wishlist for most fight fans to begin with.

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