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Roy Jones Jr. knocks out a goddamned fan

So, yeah, that thing took place last night...

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Did any of you remember that freak show of an event where a random fan was supposed to fight Roy Jones Jr. for a chance at $100,000? Me neither. But it took place last night and Roy Jones Jr. knocked out some guy named Vyron Phillips in the final minute of the second round.

Although Phillips may not have literally been just some "random fan" (with the Arizona commission said they wouldn't sanction any such thing), he was basically as close as it gets. Phillips is a 33-year-old MMA fighter with a 5-3 record who grew up idolizing Jones. He also has no professional boxing experience and was chosen through a Facebook poll. Apparently that was good enough for the commission, and one right hand from Jones was good enough to end Phillips' $100 grand scheme.

Jones record now improves to 63-9, 46 KOs if this this travesty counts on his professional record -- it probably will. And although many, including Phillips, would like to see Jones now call it a career, according to Roy after the fight "You just never know what's going to happen."

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