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Bernard Hopkins: "This Year I'm Done"

Bernard Hopkins says that he's targeting a June fight date but that this year will mark the end of his storied career.

After nearly 30 years of professional fighting, the 51-year-old Benard Hopkins finally sees the finish line. In this interview with FightHype, Hopkins says that he's evaluating some names for a fight in June, but that this year he'll officially call it quits as a prize fighter.

"I'm 90% out, but I'm really thinking about the names that I'm going to hear in the next week or two that's going to be mentioned for me to do a fight in June." said Hopkins.

"If it ain't in Philly it'll be close to it."

Then, reflecting on his lengthy career, Hopkins added:

"My back is a little tired to keep holding the fort down [after] 28 [years].

"This year I'm done," concluded Hopkins. "Whether details get together or not, I'm done. I'm completely content."

Hopkins was then asked about him wanting to go out with a bang, after making his intentions known that he wanted to face Gennady Golovkin for his last fight.

"I wanted to [face Golovkin], but Triple G chose to fight someone else. I was going to fight him at 170."

No fighter has been able to accomplish what Bernard Hopkins has been able to at his advanced age, and the fact that he can still compete at the world level after 50 is ridiculous -- only contributing to why he's a surefire Hall of Famer.

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