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Bob Arum: Postol, Vargas, Broner could be in mix to face Terence Crawford

Who will Terence Crawford face on July 23 when he debuts on pay-per-view? Bob Arum has some ideas.

On what's next for Mike Alvarado

"We want to give Mike at least one more fight to make sure that he's on solid ground, and then I would look maybe by the end of the year to put him in with Terence Crawford."

On Terence Crawford's PPV debut and possible matchup

"The pay-per-view date is the end of July. We're discussing it with a major opponent. A real big attraction. And then I would use the second spot (on the PPV) to put maybe (Gilberto) Ramirez in a title defense, if he beats Arthur Abraham, or Jessie Vargas title defense on that card, and make it a really good, solid card, and see what the public thinks about it."

"There's always Vargas in a catchweight. That would be an interesting fight. There's also the kid who also fights for us, has the WBC title, (Viktor) Postol, that would be a really good fight. We're looking around for other opponents, but I think Postol would be a really good opponent, and we're talking with his people."

"It'll be finalized when it's finalized. We've got plenty of time. I want to do it here in LA."

On Crawford vs Adrien Broner

"I think that would be a great attraction. That's a good possibility, yeah. I don't wanna use Broner's name because I haven't discussed it with him, but why not? ... Let's see if he wins (on April 1)."

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