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Ashley Theophane: Mayweather has always believed I can beat Broner

Ashley Theophane discusses his upcoming fight with Adrien Broner, and Floyd Mayweather's longstanding belief that he would win this fight.

On Adrien Broner's personality

"He's always been outrageous. That's what he does. He does things he shouldn't do. I'm not really like that. The two guys he lost to, Shawn (Porter) and Marcos Maidana, very respectful guys. I'm just trying to follow suit and be the way we should be. Don't be disrespectful. If he wants to do that, that's up to him, but I ain't trying to do that."

On what he'll feel like waking up as world champion

"That's why all boxers turn pro, they want to be world champions. I have to thank Floyd for this opportunity. Floyd believes I can beat him. It's gonna feel great the morning after, when I do become world champ, because it's been a hard road, there's been ups and downs. My career shows that if you believe in yourself and you never give up, you will get your opportunity, then it's up to you to take it."

On attacking Broner with pressure and punch output

"You've got Shawn, you've got Marcos, there's even Paulie, like, Paulie had a great punch output. You just have to be working. He's got skills, he's very good. But as long as -- he hasn't really stopped no one, he had a stoppage his last fight, but since he's moved up from lightweight, he hasn't really looked great. I just feel I'll be able to match him on fight night. I know I'm the big underdog, I'm not given a chance to win. But camp has gone great. It couldn't have gone any better than it has. And I really believe that we are gonna be world champion. Me and my team are gonna prove the doubters wrong."

On whether or not it's a personal fight

"Well, he said F TMT a few months back. He's been saying stuff. What he said is real, because at the end of the day, Floyd is my promoter, he's backing me to win. Nate is my coach, he's backing me to win. We've been putting in the work. Nate believes I'm gonna win, I believe I'm gonna win. It just became real. ... It was more motivation the next day to come back to the gym. The guys, they watched me spar, they could tell he motivated me more. It's all good. He can talk. But on fight night, we have to fight. He said he's gonna stop me within four rounds. I'm looking forward to seeing that. Because I ain't goin' nowhere. I'm gonna be there in the 12th round."

On how much better he's gotten in recent years

"I've been improving. I'm winning fights. Mayweather Promotions believed in me from the very start. ... I've improved with Nate, I've improved being around Floyd and watching Floyd. You have to improve. You're around Floyd, the best fighter of all time, you have to improve. It's been great. He's inspired me, he's motivated me, and we are two weeks away from the big date."

On Mayweather's belief in him putting extra pressure on

"At the end of the day, I've always believed in myself. Floyd believes in me like I believe in me. From the first time we sparred, about two and a half years ago, he told me then that he believes I can beat AB. Then we sparred again for his Berto camp, and he told me again. So he saw within those two years, I haven't slipped. ... It's always been in Floyd's mind, but it's about doing it at the right time, and this is the right time."

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