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Adrien Broner responds to Floyd Mayweather's public criticism

After seeing Floyd Mayweather publicly criticize his Walmart antics, Adrien Broner offers his own thoughts on "Big Bro."

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Adrien Broner and the fighter he grew up idolizing, Floyd Mayweather, have had a bit of a rocky relationship over the past couple of years. Although seeming to grow close to one another, they have also had a few public spats as of late, mostly attributed to Floyd's public criticism of Broner. Of course none of that has sat well with Broner, and after Mayweather's latest comments on Broner's antics, Broner says he's starting to realize Floyd might not be the kind of guy he thought he was. Here's some excerpts of Broner's expletive-riddled response to Mayweather. (Fair Warning - Broner has a potty mouth so the video above may be NSFW).

"I got some sh*t to say, some sh*t that ain't been sittin' well with me. I've been seeing a lot of blogs, and mothaf*ckas been hittin' me up talkin' bout Floyd talkin' about me, again. Not once, but this has happened on multiple occasions...When we're side-to-side we're all big bro-little bro, 'I wanna see you do this, I wanna see you surpass me'...and then when you do an interview you talk bad about me. Like, how real is that?

"Anytime you was in them lawsuits, with your baby mama, and they say you hittin' her with 3-pieces like you fighting Cotto, I don't get into that! I don't say he should've did this, should've did that, you know what I say, 'f*ck all that, my n*gga ain't do that,' that's the type of sh*t I say...I don't say 'Floyd hurtin' himself.' Come on bruh, you was the same n*gga like, what, four-five years ago burning money in the club. Come on bruh, you like 39. So you was 34 at the time, burning money in the club! But I ain't say nothing about that.

"And what I don't get is I'm just lil' ol' Adrien Broner, bruh...I have yet to make the type of money you have made. And we ain't in the same tax bracket...I'm starting to feel like I'm a threat to you...I just sent you a real sincere text that you ain't respond back to. But I'm starting to feel like you sayin' 'f*ck me' so it gotta be 'f*ck you.'

"I'ma be the one to say it, 'cause ain't nobody around you gonna say might want to help somebody, but you will help somebody for them to do good enough, they might do great, but you don't want them to do better than you...I'm starting to see that bruh, and this sh*t bring tears to my eyes to really hear my idol, somebody I put on a pedestal, somebody that I studied every night before I go to sleep, I'm watching your tapes, to hear them talk bad about me?! Okay. Aight. Watch me April 1st. I'ma knock your fighter out. Bye."

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