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Victor Ortiz talk Berto rematch, coming back from injuries, and much more

Here's 15 minutes of Victor Ortiz, unfiltered. Enjoy.

On why he's polarizing

"I really don't know why I'm polarizing to people. I don't mean no harm, you know? I just work hard like everybody else does. Just like you guys write a report or you guys do an interview with someone, I'm pretty sure you put punctuation to the way it's written, to the words that you choose, you don't repeat stuff like that. I don't know, it's just, it's weird. I really don't mean no harm to nobody. Now in the ring, that's cruel intentions. I wanna make sure you feel my wrath."

On what he would redo in his career

"The Floyd Mayweather fight, absolutely. I would've stepped away from being the human being I am. I would've stepped away from being that guy, kept with the red eyes and the steam coming out of my head. But you live and learn, and I've learned quite a bit. I've had an interesting career, though. I've hit some high highs and some low lows. But it's interesting, you go back and you score every loss that I've had, I'm not losing on many cards. Something happens. Jaw broken, eyes ripped open, I get dropped, it's over. But I've never, ever taken a brutal beating for 10, eight, four, one, two rounds. Got dropped, boom, it's over. Some of these guys -- yeah, I got my jaw broken but I didn't take no punishment from that. I backpedaled a little bit, just gotta wait, boom-boom! It just happens, you know, but thankfully I'm still there, I'm sane, I can pull the trigger."

On his trainer, Coach Hoss

"He's been there for me through those camps, back when I fought Berto the first time. He was the guy I went to his house every single day, every day went through the game plans. I guess now if you make sense of it, why wasn't he the guy with the microphone, why wasn't he the guy in the corner? I actually had a trainer at the time who was my main coach, coach Danny Garcia. Great coach, great trainer, but obviously with boxing, you never stop learning. You keep growing, man, so I ended up going out to Indio, California, and I worked with coach Joel Diaz, but to be honest, I just didn't like the area. It's one of those things where I wake up, I wanna go run at the beach area, or in the mountain ranges. If I'm bored, I wanna jump on my road bike and hit the Malibu PCH just by myself. But there it was like, man, there's sand on top of sand, on top of more sand, there's a casino right there, but I don't wanna go to the casino. Nah, I just couldn't find my comfort zone there. What kept me there and alive was Coach Joel, he was funny, Coach Antonio, he was pretty awesome, and Coach Jose, and obviously the camp of the guys. But finally I said, hey coach, you know what, I think I'm ready to just come home. Lately I've secluded myself from the world. I don't party, especially when I'm in training. People have a big problem with me, I guess, going out and having a good time when I'm not training, but at the same time, I'm a grown man. I can have a good time, because I've earned to have a good time, when I'm not busy. Or go shoot a movie if I want! But I'm not gonna do that for a while. I have to conquer what's mine. I don't wanna live to be 35 and ask myself, 'What could've happened when I was 28, 29? I wonder.' I have a couple buddies who are like that nowadays. 'Man, Vic, if I, if I, if, if, if.' I don't wanna live with that. No questions."

On Canelo-Khan, for some reason

"That'll be a great fight. But for some reason my gut tells me Amir Khan. He's tasted the canvas before. He's been hit. He knows what it's like. I think he's gonna outbox him. I think he's gonna take his time, pick his shots, move around. As opposed to Canelo, he hasn't really ever tasted canvas, I don't think, and he hasn't been hit, not like that. It's gonna be an interesting fight, but ultimate pick would be Amir Khan. The underdog. Everybody's saying about the weight, 160 or whatever, coming down, but let's be honest, the guy should not be fighting at 140, 160. He should be fighting at 147. Can he make the weight? I'm pretty sure he can. I don't know why he don't make the weight. He's smaller than me, and I'm the same size as Amir Khan."

On whether or not he'd have taken a fight with Canelo

"Absolutely! I get to eat properly, no diet. No kale."

On Ortiz-Berto II being a make or break fight

"I believe so. It definitely is. I've been in this position before, many times. He's never been in this position. It's gonna be a great fight."

(Break for Victor Ortiz to talk about, back and forth, Katt Williams vs a 7th grader and Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz)

On maybe wanting to avenge all his losses

"Absolutely, that's actually always a good thing, but at the same time, obviously, in the eyes of fans, I have stuff to prove to them and this and that, but what I know is of me, is this much, I got nothing to prove to any of those guys, you go back, like I said, read the scorecards, who's winning until what happens? So I don't think I need to go back down that path. But I'm happy that Berto opened his eyes, this time in a clean way. I don't mean clean, keep 'em above the belt clean, I mean urine clean. We're on USADA right now. I was natural last time, fired by beans and rice, this time I'm changing it up. I'm gonna do tacos."

On his broken jaw

"It's one of those things where, I read quite a bit, also I listen, as weird as it sounds, and as cliche would be Rocky's quote where he says it's not how many times you get hit, it's how many times you get hit and get up, and keep moving forward. That's how I see life. I've been hit a few times. But at the same time I said this recently in an interview, I said, 'My name's Victor. That's no coincidence.' Look up the term. So that's it, guys."

On Mayweather-Golovkin, for some reason

"GGG. He pressures, he don't care, he's relentless, keeps coming."

On Victor's pound-for-pound list

"Hm. Me, me, and me. Just a little behind right now."

(things go off the rails for a while)

On acting

"I knew that acting was a way for me to stay active, stay in the public eye, and also heal, because (my jaw) was broken, completely shattered. Instead of going over there, feeling sorry for myself, I completely healed. (My wrist) was shattered, completely shattered, metal plates, reconstructed. My jaw was broken in half. It was pretty bad."

On coming back from injuries

"Anybody who has never fought with literally, in the ring, this hand under your jaw, holding your jaw closed for five rounds, still fighting, and just couldn't take the pain in the ninth, you can say all you want. I know what I'm about. I've seen guys shatter their jaw and one round, half a round, they stop the fight. It's a tough thing."

On Berto saying Ortiz will win an Oscar before another world title

"He's gonna see really quick what's coming his way. He's got a lot to say about me. Good for him."

On boxing being Victor's first love or not

"You tell me why I'm back. I turned two movies down. 147's done, I'm telling you that much."

On his downtime

"It was hurting me to watch fights at 147. I was like, man, turn this off, dude. I know I'm better than these guys. I don't care what anybody says. I'm better than a lot of these guys, if not the majority of all of them. People have all their things to say about me. Good for you, you have your opinion, I have mine. You're liable to your opinion, too."

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