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Victor Ortiz: Andre Berto isn't the same guy he was in 2011

Victor Ortiz discusses his upcoming rematch with Andre Berto.

On pushing at the presser

"It's just Andre Berto trying to convince himself that he still has it, trying to scare somebody. If anything, you shouldn't do that to somebody like me. It just triggers me, just fuels me. And to top it off, the push was so weak, I'm pretty sure my girl could push me harder than that. I got in his face. Got in his face, he called me a fag, called me gay, so I was, like, alright, I got you."

On the 2011 fight against Berto

"I most remember whoopin' his ass. I'm gonna do it again. ... He talks too much for his own good. He always writes checks he can't cash. So I'm ready."

On whether Berto is the same fighter

"I don't see him as the Andre Berto I fought in 2011. That was a dangerous guy. Undefeated, came for war, pound-for-pound. Not this guy. ... I don't know (what changed), but I don't see the same guy. Maybe you guys do."

On switching trainers again

"Coach Hoss is the original guy who helped me train for Andre Berto. He's the guy I studied footage with, he's the guy that helped me come up with the game plan to destroy and conquer the WBC against Andre Berto. So why not? I went back to Ventura, plus I'm comfortable there. It's a place I like to be. I enjoy waking up to run, I enjoy waking up to train. I have no distractions. I'm good."

On the night of the fight

"We're both gonna put it all on the line. We both are and have been working hard. I know he wants what I want. Two trains are on the same track, we're gonna collide. Difference is, my train is made of steel and his is made of styrofoam."

On losing momentum since 2011

"It was just injuries. Broken jaw, broken wrist. Two years for my jaw, one year for my wrist. There was nothing I could do to reverse the cycle about that. So I ended up taking on Hollywood and starting a new career."

On whether he's distracted by acting

"I stopped acting. I turned down two movies to attend to my fights once again, to get what's mine."

On his plans

"I need to raid the division, then I'll be done. I'll stay at 147. The cut's good.

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