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Brook vs Bizier: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Kell Brook takes on Kevin Bizier this afternoon in the weekend's lone world title fight.

Matchroom Boxing

This afternoon at 3:30 pm EDT on Sky Sports in the United Kingdom, Kell Brook returns to action to make the third defense of his IBF welterweight title, facing mandatory challenger Kevin Bizier in the main event at Sheffield Arena.

Brook (35-0, 24 KO) is the big favorite here, and most are thinking past this fight, even if the fighter is not. He won the IBF belt from Shawn Porter in August 2014, and defended twice last year, easily handling Jo Jo Dan and Frankie Gavin. Brook had hoped to face Amir Khan, who instead of course signed to fight Canelo Alvarez on May 7. When that fell through, Bizier (25-2, 17 KO) became the opponent, as he had earned the shot with a stoppage win in November over Fredrick Lawson.

The most notable fight on the undercard will see lightweight prospect and 2012 Olympic gold medalist Luke Campbell (12-1, 10 KO) look to bounce back from a loss to Yvan Mendy. Campbell will face veteran Gary Sykes (28-4, 6 KO) for the vacant Commonwealth title.

Patrick L. Stumberg will handle the round-by-round call this afternoon.


Kell Brook def. Kevin Bizier by TKO at 2:15 of Round One

Luke Campbell def. Gary Sykes by TKO at 2:58 of Round Two


Kell Brook vs. Kevin Bizier

Round one: They take the center quickly, Brook working his jab and looking for the straight behind it. Bizier throwing with him, neither man landing hard yet. Nasty counter uppercut by Brook and a straight right behind it seem to shake Bizier. One minute in. Bizier lands a right after eating some lefts. He gets Brook to the ropes, lands a few before Brook circles off and continues picking away at him. Brook's jab working well just far. One minute to go. Clinch. They trade their power hands, then exchange near the center. Bizier's getting in some licks, but getting potshot by the champion. 10-9 Brook.

Round two: Bizier continues to advance, walks into an uppercut and right cross. Hard right hands from Brook. Great work by the champion in the early going. Bizier with a right hand amid the blows he's eating. One minute in. Bizier's nose already wearing some damage. Lead right from Bizier, more jabs and power punches from Brook off his back foot. Nice right cross, clinch. BIG right cross takes out Bizier's legs and Brook tears into him until he goes down. He makes it to his feet, only to get immediately knocked back down. He's out of it and this one's over.

Final result: Brook def. Bizier by TKO

Luke Campbell vs. Gary Sykes

Round one: Campbell comes out southpaw, Sykes orthodox. Solid counter left by Campbell early. Another one as Sykes tries to work behind a 1-2. Lead uppercut from Luke, then a counter cross. One minute in. 1-2 lands for Campbell, Sykes tries to flurry. Straight right lands for him. Check hook by Campbell. One minute to go. Campbell doing well both on the counter and on the lead behind his jab. To the body. Sykes with a left downstairs before the bell. 10-9 Campbell.

Round two: Campbell still jabbing well, looking for the left uppercut. He lands it on the counter, then a pair of lefts high-to-low. Lead left lands. Again. One minute in. 2-1 connects. Sykes has yet to land a significant clean strike. Solid body blows by Campbell. Double right by Sykes. Hard counter uppercut from Campbell, Sykes comes back to the body. Campbell's counters are on point, as is his body work. One minute to go. More left hands by the former gold medalist. Hard overhand left clips Sykes and he stumbles to his seat. Twenty seconds to work after Sykes stands. Campbell unloading with brutal shots to the head and body and Sykes' corner throws in the towel as he crumples along the ropes.

Final result: Campbell def. Sykes by TKO

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