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Photos: Regis Prograis, Ivan Baranchyk, Ivan Golub, Justin DeLoach shine on ShoBox

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"I was prepared to go 10 full rounds, the last thing I was expecting was a first-round knockout. I'm making hard fights look easy but they're really not. It's all the daily work in the gym all day every day that is paying off for me. Tonight was fun. I'm very satisfied. I want all the fighters in my division to know one thing: I'm coming after all of you."


"He just got me with a great shot, it was simple as that. There's really not that much that I can say."


"I'm very happy. I was expecting a much longer fight. I was focused on a full fight. But knockouts are good. I know fans like knockouts. I'll take a week off and then go back to the drawing board. I'm looking ahead to fighting again soon and on ShoBox again."


"I'm good but I am very, very disappointed. This is the lowlight of my life. For me to get knocked out by someone I know I can beat is just the worst feeling. And there's nothing worse than for it to happen on national television. No one expects 20-second fights. I just got caught, that's all."


"This was a little tougher than I expected. But it's all about learning. I had to go through some adversity to win. You don't know adversity until it hits you in the face. was surprised that I got knocked down, but he caught me off-balance. Overall, I am very happy with my performance."


"I hurt my right bicep in the fifth round. That's the reason we stopped it. I wasn't that tired."


"I'm happy with my performance. This was a great experience fighting a guy like this in his backyard. I enjoyed the crowd and their enthusiasm. It motivated me. I got a little lazy in parts of the second and third rounds, but I listened to my corner and picked it up on offense and got my punch count up and going again."

"Dillon was a good fighter who moved a lot. I know I have to do better cutting off the ring. He landed with a left a second before I landed that big right. This was a great win for all of us. I'm ready to do this again."


"Look at me, look at my shirt. It feels like I was sweating worse than when I fought. I am very relieved to get this one out of the way. I'm very happy for Justin and Mr. Pete."


"I'm OK, all things considered. He was a tough guy. I've never been knocked out before so I don't exactly know how to act. I felt I was in the fight until I was caught. It's disappointing, but this was a great learning experience for me. It can only help me in the long run."

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