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Amir Khan: Kell Brook needs to 'grow a bit of balls,' fight bigger names

Amir Khan discusses Kell Brook. Again.

On Kell Brook needing to fight bigger names

"I've been saying it for a long time, if they want the fight between myself and Kell Brook, he definitely needs to up the game. He's a world champion. Enough with these back to back mandatories and stuff like that. He's at the peak of his career, where he needs to have the top fights and these big names. Win or lose. Why is he afraid to fight these big names? Because he thinks he'll get beat.

"The fight fans love me because I fight guys who I don't have to fight. I don't have to take this fight against Canelo, but I wanna give it to the people to prove what position I'm in, what level of fighter I am. I think Kell Brook needs to do the same. He needs to grow a bit of balls and fight some bigger names."

On Brook saying he'd fight Golovkin

"I do not believe that. I can't believe he would come out with something stupid like that. I'm not even gonna talk about that, man. I know he did say he wants to fight him. Was it him or his promoter? You've got the guy wrapped in cotton wool. You don't even want to put him in a medium-hard fight, and you say that you'd put him in with someone like Golovkin. Use your brain. I think he's just using my name and names like Golovkin to get his career on a high."

"Fight guys maybe in the top 10 in the world and see where you belong. He's a good fighter and I'm sure he can get far, but I just think he's wasting his career. If it's not Kell Brook, I think it's his promoter keeping him waiting and getting him these easy fights. As a fighter, you want to fight the best. If it is Kell, then I think he's in the wrong sport, if he doesn't want to fight the best."

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