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Pirchard Colon will undergo another surgery this week, family asks to pray 'for a miracle'

Puerto Rican welterweight Pirchard Colon underwent surgery last week and will be having another one this week. His family asks for your prayers.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Pirchard Colon has been in a coma since since October 17th, when he suffered a traumatic brain injury in his fight against Terrel Williams on NBC. Colon, who just had surgery last week, is scheduled for yet another surgery this week according to his family. Clearly this isn't the best of news as Colon has already undergone a number of procedures in the past few months. But in anticipation of the upcoming surgery, his family asks for your hopes and prayers.

"In the middle of [last] week, Pri underwent surgery," the family said. "[He will] go back to surgery next week. We ask that you take one minute to ask the creator for the health of our champion. Let us continue to pray to God for a miracle."

In Colon's disqualification loss to Williams, he suffered a number of illegal blows, including a tough one to the back of his head in the ninth round which put him down. Referee Joe Cooper, who had deducted a point from Williams in the seventh for rabbit punching, did not take a point for that particular punch, nor a number of other illegal blows for which he has been heavily criticized.

Colon would get up from the knockdown, the second of that round, and head back to his corner where his trainers would begin cutting off his gloves believing the 10-round fight had concluded. When they were unable to get his gloves back on in time, Colon was disqualified from the match. He then walked back to his dressing room, became dizzy, vomited, and abruptly collapsed before he was then rushed to a nearby hospital.

Colon has been in a coma ever since, and just a couple of weeks ago the Virginia Department of Professional & Occupational Regulation announced that they completed their investigation of the fight and found no regulatory violations.

Part of their statement read:

"no regulatory violations appear to warrant disciplinary action against any Virginia licensees, including Williams. Cooper, the contract referee, generally maintained control of the contest -- despite noted disagreement over some foul calls and consistency of point deductions -- consulted with the ringside physician; and complied with regulatory requirements to attend to Colon's health. ... No one action (or failure to act) can be identified that is so apparent or egregious to justify holding accountable any one person."

This story, along with some others in recent memory, really illustrates the dark side of the sport. Although there is certainly an inherent risk of serious injury in combat sports, nobody likes to see these kinds of things happen. We extend our best wishes to Prichard Colon and his family.

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