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Amir Khan: Brook and Garcia will still be there after I beat Canelo

Amir Khan discusses his fight with Canelo Alvarez, and fights he passed on to take this one.

On the media tour

"It's not too bad. Obviously in the UK it's very similar, having these media tours. I've always been around stuff like this. To be one of the popular fighters in the world, I think being seen like this, it's nice to have my own big press conferences instead of watching them on television with Manny Pacquiao and Mayweather. It's my time. I'm enjoying this. I'm soaking it in. It's going to give me the confidence and motivation to win this fight."

On tiring of face to face bits

"It's been 50 times. Look, it's fun. I've sized him up. He's a big guy. He's big, he's thick, he's a strong guy, but now we have to do what we do best. He's not going to change anymore. This is him as we've seen him. I'm taller than him. I think I have a longer reach than him. He seems like a very nice guy, he's very respectful. In the UK, we treated him with respect. I come to New York and Los Angeles, and his fan base have treated me with respect.

"I think that's the good thing about this fight. Both the fighters respect each other. We just did an interview upstairs together. We know it's a business. We're going to be fighting each other come May 7th, but at the moment we're promoting the fight, and we want everyone to be tuned in to this fight.

"Once the gloves are on, once we're in the ring, that's where we could hate each other if we wanted. Or we can just go and do what we normally do. I'm going to let my fists do the talking. Everything's fine, we respect each other, but once the gloves are on, that's it, man."

On why he took this fight instead of Danny Garcia or Kell Brook

"This opportunity came and it's such a massive opportunity. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime. To pull off this upset and beat him would probably be one of the biggest boxing news stories in the world. It's not like I can't do it. I can do it. So when this came, I thought, I'm going to grab it with both hands and do this, and shut up the doubters as well. Then I can go back down and face Garcia and if that Kell Brook fight's there, do that as well."

On Kell Brook

"At the moment it's not really interesting to me. It's going to happen one day, just not yet. I'm looking at the bigger picture. I'm doing big fights like Canelo. My name's been talked about amongst the likes Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Why should I be worried about fighters like Kell Brook? To be honest, I don't think they're on my level yet. He's got some things to do yet. He's got his defense against Bizier.

"That fight might still be there for me in the UK. Once I win this fight, I can go down and face someone like him. It's all in good time. We get past this fight. I'm not looking past this fight. This means everything to me."

On Canelo Alvarez and the matchup

"He's skillful. He puts punches together quite well. I like the way he boxes. He knows how to use a jab well, his defense is decent. When it comes to skill, he's very good. I can't say I'm better than him, skillfully, but I know I'm there with him. But he's a very skillful fighter himself.

"I'm going into this fight the underdog. Being the underdog, I'm not saying I'm better than him at this or that. I'm going to go in there thinking he's supposedly better than me at every angle. I'm going to train so hard for this fight because that's what's going to give me the push and the motivation in training."

On Canelo's catchweights

"I think it suits me a little bit. One or two pounds less would've suited me even better. But I don't know why (he does it). I can't really answer that, it's up to him."

On fight night weights

"That's something that maybe he thinks is going to favor him, and he might need that. I know he's gonna come ready. That's all I'm worried about. I'm not worried about what I'm going to weigh or anything. I'm going to be ready for what he brings to the table."

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