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Amir Khan talks about how he'll beat Canelo Alvarez

Ahead of his May 7th PPV clash with Canelo Alvarez, Amir Khan talks about his keys to victory.

Amir Khan catches up with the media in this lengthy interview caught by FightHub. The entire session is nearly 30 minutes so check out the video above with some excerpts below:

On his upcoming fight with Canelo Alvarez:

"This is the first time going into a fight where I'm the underdog, I'm a guy who's supposed to get beat, so that's why I want to really shine this fight and I want to prove to people that I belong here. By putting the weight on, being strong at this weight, its not slowed the speed down one bit. The speed is still there, the stamina is still gonna be there, the punching power has increased obviously, I've been sparring guys and they do say they're feeling the power, the strength.

"What's gonna win this fight is smart combinations, being smart, using the feet well...and just picking the shots at the right time, not over-doing it. If you see my previous fights, I over-do it sometimes because I think that I'm the guy to throw the most punches, I'm the guy to show who the best is, but this time I'm not going to be making those mistakes."

On who he saw between Canelo Alvarez and Erislandy Lara:

"I think that if you look at Lara, the way that Lara fought...I think Lara would stay in the pocket a little bit too long, giving free shots to Canelo...If you give [Canelo] that opportunity, he's gonna take it. I think Lara gave him too much respect...I don't think I'll be making those mistakes that Lara made."

On his amateur experience giving him a perceived edge against Canelo:

"I think that's something that's going to work in my advantage. By not having that amateur experience where you have to change different styles and fight different styles, and I think with me going into this fight you'll definitely see a new Amir Khan...

"It was hard for me to motivate myself when I was fighting these other fighters. No disrespect to Algieri, or the other fighters I fought. I've always expected the big fights against like Mayweather, against Pacquiao, and when those fights aren't happening it's hard for me to motivate myself. And now it's come to a time where it's the biggest fight of my career against someone like Canelo where I know I can't make a mistake so this is such a big motivation for me...I've always been asking for a big fight, and my time has come now so I'm not one to just let it go and get beat."

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