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Shannon Briggs crashes David Haye's press conference

Shannon Briggs is back at it...

Shannon Briggs just stormed David Haye's press conference announcing his upcoming fight against Arnold Gjergjaj. Clearly Briggs wasn't impressed with the selection of opponent and showed up to confront David Haye in person. Briggs has been stalking the British heavyweights for most of the month.

"YEAH! It's the champ! Where's David Haye at?" asked Briggs as he stormed the press conference. "David, I got you on camera, tell the people back at home why you fighting him, who we never heard of, instead of me. I came to your country for a fight. Let's go champ!"

David Haye would then stand up from his seat, taking the podium to respond to the disruption.

"Will you pass a brain scan, that's the question we need to know," quipped Haye.

"I just had eight fights," responded Briggs. "I'm in the best shape of my life. I'm 44 years old, and I'm in better shape than when I was 24 years old. He's a chump, ya'll. Who's he fighting? Who is this guy? We've never heard of you.

"David, wassup? You been playing hide and seek everywhere," said Briggs as security tried to escort him out of the room. Briggs promptly pushes the man aside after repeatedly warning him not to touch him.

"London, he's scared of me. Don't believe the hype, he's a fraud...I'm ready to fight right now, look at me!" exclaimed Briggs as he lifts his shirt.

David Haye then invites Briggs to fight on his undercard, saying if he wins and there's genuine fan interest that he'd be willing to face Briggs. Shannon Briggs said he'd take the offer if Haye guaranteed to fight him next, but Haye was slightly non-committal.

"London is mine," proclaimed Briggs. "Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, they're all frauds. I came here to prove it. An American came to London looking for static, and ain't nobody said nothing! And [Haye's] a chump. Let's go champ! Have a good day."

Check out the video above for the whole fracas.

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