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Freddie Roach on Pacquiao-Bradley, Teddy Atlas: "I don't like him, he doesn't like me"

Freddie Roach talks Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather (Jr and Sr), Tim Bradley, and Teddy Atlas.

On Pacquiao possibly showing his age

"The thing that showed that maybe was the long layoff. The 11 months off, then to come back -- the comeback was a lot harder this time than it's ever been before. He told me it's just he's getting a little older and it took a little more time to get to where we wanna be. Finally, we're there, and I'm happy about that. The last two days have been great. Leading up to that, we had some great days along the way, too, on the mitts and so forth, but the sparring, not so good. Yesterday he was following himself and I was really happy about the workout. He turned the corner and he's ready for the fight."

On Pacquiao's intensity

"Manny's always a very intense trainer. He works out, he trains to win. He trains to go 12 hard rounds. We were talking a little bit about a knockout, and he's not going against it so much this time. He's not telling me he doesn't want to hurt nobody. We'll see."

On how Roach is taking the "last fight" hype

"I'm hoping it's not his last fight, because I think he still has a lot left in him. There's some interesting fights out there, that are there, possibly. Could we get a rematch with Mayweather? I'd like that, because I was disappointed in the first performance. His shoulder had maybe a lot to do with that, but I still wasn't happy about the way he fought that fight. I know he can do much better. I think he can actually beat Mayweather. He actually thinks he won the fight, but I said, we didn't get the decision, and that's what I wanna see. You to get the decision, beat this guy hands down. And I think he can do that."

"I haven't tried changing his mind. I'm letting things kinda go as it is. I'm putting no pressure on him. I know there are a couple big fights out there for us, possibly. I think maybe if he becomes Senator, I think that might be a big factor. Being Senator is a lot more work to do than Congressman, and maybe he won't have the time. So I'm kinda hoping he doesn't become Senator a little bit. Manny in Congress one day made me a citizen. Well, he brought it up as an issue in Congress. And the Speaker of the House okayed my papers."

"I will miss Manny when he's gone, for sure, yeah. We've been together 15 years now. We have a great relationship. But I'll still go to the Philippines for his birthday and so forth. We'll be friends for life."

On the first two Bradley fights

"Well, I thought Manny won the first two fights. I know this is more of a rubber match, but -- Bradley's got a new trainer, everyone's making a big deal about that. I think (Teddy Atlas) is more of a cheerleader in the corner. I'm not afraid of firemen or fire or whatever he's not afraid of. I have a couple guys who work out here who are firemen, and I think what he said was disrespectful to real firemen, so."

"I know Teddy personally. ... I've had a couple altercations with him."

On Mayweather saying he won't do a rematch with Pacquiao

"The way that those two guys spend money, I think they both might need a rematch, so. Manny spends money on his people and he does good things with his money. Mayweather spends his money on a lot of cars, a lot of houses, stuff like that. I think he would fight Manny if it came to the table, but it's more up to Manny right now, what he does, if he's going to fight again or not."

On Floyd Mayweather Sr talking rematch

"I didn't hear it. That's the first I've heard of it. I don't really keep up with his dad. We're not friends and we never will be."

On Mayweather Sr

"I think his son's a great fighter, but he's only trained him for a couple of fights. Roger's trained him most of the time. Roger's done most of the work. I knew (Floyd) since he was five years old, I saw him training at five in the gym. He could fight then, too. When he was five. He's one of those guys that grew up around boxing. I don't think anyone really trains him, I think he does what he wants."

"I trained Oscar, also. He did very well in the fight. Almost beat Mayweather. But I don't think I'm a great trainer because I trained Oscar. I don't think (Floyd Sr) is a good trainer. I don't think he's a good cornerman. You can't understand him in the corner. You can't! If you can tell me what he says, I'll pay you."

On any real "feud" with Teddy Atlas

"I don't like him, and he doesn't like me. That's how it is. It's the first time we're facing each other, so it's a little competitive. But that's not why I want Manny to win the fight. It has nothing to do with Teddy Atlas, and I really don't care what Teddy does. I know he's been working for ESPN as an announcer for a long time. I know Povetkin was his last fighter, I believe, and they won a fight together. I just don't think anyone can make a difference this far into a fighter's career. I don't think he can make that many changes. Again, I do believe that once Manny hits him, (Bradley) will revert back to what he's used to."

"When I took over Michael Moorer, a lot of bad things happened. I was hired because Teddy had quit. They hired me and we had some words, and they weren't good."

On how important this fight is for Manny

"He's 100 percent prepared for the fight. It's a very important fight, especially if it's his last one, I want him to go out with a bang. I urge him that we haven't seen a knockout in a long time, and it'll be great for him to have another knockout. With the sparring I saw yesterday, he was really sitting down on his punches, really doing well with the sparring partners. It's a very important fight for him."

On Manny's focus with his political career

"Well, he hasn't really done any politics or any campaigning the whole time we were in the Philippines. The people see him working out, ready to fight. Most people tell me in the Philippines that the better he does in this fight, the more votes he'll get. So I tell him, well, if you knock this guy out, you'll get a lot of votes."

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