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Manny Pacquiao expects 'emotional' night on April 9

Manny Pacquiao discusses his upcoming rubber match against Timothy Bradley in this interview with Fighthub's Marcos Villegas.

Marcos Villegas: "Manny, 20 years -- a career that's seen you win a lot of titles, you've been in a lot of big fights. It's all coming to an end April 9th. Do you feel after the fight it might be an emotional night for you, or you might get a little sad that it's all over?"

Manny Pacquiao: "Yes. I'm expecting that. I'll get emotional. But my mind is all set to go back to the Philippines and spend more time with my family and focus on helping the people."

MV: "Do you think you might cry? Is it something you might cry over?"

MP: "(laughs) I don't know."

MV: "Have you thought about what you're gonna say in a farewell speech after the fight, or when you talk to us at the post-fight press conference?"

MP: "I'm thinking now. (laughs) I'm thinking now."

MV: "Given that you're going to run for Senator, and you're expected to win -- but if you don't win, will you continue fighting, or regardless you just want to stop fighting at this point?"

MP: "I want to spend time with my family."

MV: "Freddie thinks you're gonna keep fighting! You're gonna be the first world champion Senator."

MP: "(laughs) I don't know, I don't know."

MV: "Looking at the last fight you had, the Mayweather fight. It was the biggest fight in boxing history. You made the most amount of money. You came out healthy, there's nothing wrong with you -- I know you had the shoulder injury, but why not retire after that fight? Given that you made so much money and it was the biggest fight you could possibly be in."

MP: "I want to prove I'm not done yet. I'm not done yet."

MV: "Do you want to show a better performance than you had in that fight?"

MP: "I want to retire with a win."

MV: "Does the loss still bother you? Do you still look at that fight and think you're not happy with it?"

MP: "No, I'm happy for this. I'm making sure to work hard, focus, and win convincingly."

MV: "Speaking of that last thing. You retire, and say, 'hey, I'm done, nothing will bring me back.' And Mayweather goes, 'I'll give you a rematch.' Would you come out of retirement?"

MP: "It's hard to say, because I'm not there yet, with that feeling. I don't know what feeling I'd have then. My focus is enjoying spending time with my family, playing with the kids, helping the people."

MV: "What about Marquez? Is that still something you want to pursue? Would you come out of retirement?"

MP: "I really don't know. I really want to experience the retired life."

MV: "You wanna relax! Are you tired of this?"

MP: "I've been in boxing 25 years."

MV: "That's a long time, man. We spoke to Bob, and it kinda surprised us, he mentioned that Canelo would potentially be a foe if you don't wanna retire, he says you would have no problem fighting him. Is he too big? What do you make of all that?"

MP: "I can't answer for a next fight, because my mind and my heart is only for this fight."

MV: "Is it interesting, though? Do you think, 'That's an interesting fight, I would like that fight.' Not saying you'd take it, but would you be interested in it?"

MP: "If we talk about continuing my career, of course, I can fight anybody. And that's a good fight. But my mind is only on this fight."

MV: "Timothy Bradley, the last fight he had, he got a knockout over Brandon Rios. Did you see a different Bradley, did you see improvements, or is he still the same? Can he change that quick?"

MP: "Hmm, still the same. I can see more body punches. Maybe because of his new trainer. That makes me interested, because we can create more action in the ring."

MV: "You think he's gonna target your body? Did you have to do the stick workouts again?"

MP: "Yeah, yeah. I love to hit to the body."

MV: "Do you think the third fight is gonna be a completely different fight than the other two, or do you think it's gonna be the same?"

MP: "It's gonna be completely different. More action."

MV: "You've had a really long career, if you retired say a year or two ago, you'd get called into the Hall of Fame. But to you, what memory sticks out of your whole career?"

MP: "All of my accomplishments in boxing."

MV: "There has to be one, though. Is there one that sticks out?"

MP: "I think the Margarito fight, because that fight made me eight division world champion."

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