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Bob Arum: Manny Pacquiao would be willing to fight Canelo Alvarez

Bob Arum talks Pacquiao-Bradley III, and potential opponents for the winner, including Pacquiao vs Canelo.

On the Pacquiao-Bradley trilogy

"For me, I throw out the first two fights. I think you're gonna see a Bradley who is so much better the two times he fought Manny, because Atlas got him thinking. Atlas has gotten into his head. Bradley is going to give 100 percent. It's tough for an athlete to perform at 100 percent, but Atlas is a great psychologist, and he's got him thinking along those lines. You talk to Bradley, and you're amazed now with his confidence."

On whether he's feeling wistful about Pacquiao's potential last media day

"Listen, I just got back from Toronto, where I did my first fight, Ali-Chuvalo. And there was Big George, who speaks, like, crystal clear, no slurring. He could be a radio commentator! It was great to see. He's no spring chicken. He's 78 years old now. The country went crazy for him. Ali obviously couldn't make it. I was there because I promoted the fight. Ali's daughter Rashida came up, representing Ali. So it was very poignant. It was a company that is involved in boxing in Canada, and Lennox Lewis is a partner. So it was nice. I just came in this morning. I spent two days up in Toronto, it was nice."

On potential opponents for the winner

"There's plenty of guys. I've got a future big star in the making in (Terence) Crawford. I'd like to put Crawford in, but I know that Crawford and Bradley have a true friendship, and I don't think either one would want to do that fight. But if Manny wins, he could fight Crawford, that would be good.

"But if Manny wins, you know, Manny is the kinda guy that doesn't care about how much more an opponent weighs. So Manny would be happy to go in, say, with Canelo, if Canelo beat (Amir) Khan. That would be a really good fight. But again, he's got to win this fight, and then decide if he's going to retire or not retire. But if I sort of think if he wins this fight, if he looks good, if he's throwing those great right-handed punches, I don't think he's gonna retire. But that's not based on any knowledge."

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