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Ashley Theophane: I'm strong enough to bang with Broner

Ashley Theophane talks Adrien Broner, Floyd Mayweather, and more.

On Broner's pre-fight talk of a KO

"He said he's gonna stop me, but since he's moved up in weight, he don't look that strong. I've been this weight my whole career. I don't think he's gonna be as strong as he believes. I think he looks at the 11 KO's I've got, and he thinks he's gonna be too strong for me. But I think I'm gonna be strong enough to bang with, and I'm gonna outwork him."

On what Broner said in the face-off

"He was just saying how good he is and it's different from when you watch him on TV to being in the ring with him, and I just laughed."

On what Theophane said

"That's for me and him. It was good, you know what I'm saying? I know he sees me as a threat. He had his shades off, I wanted him to look into my eyes to let him know I'm ready, too. If he does believe he's gonna stop me, that's great. That means he's gonna come forward."

On Broner talking about working at the Mayweather gym

"He sparred with guys who were, like, 1-0, 2-0, amateurs. You're supposed to -- he wasn't sparring with guys like me, the senior guys, he was sparring with the young boys who wanted to go in the ring with AB. He may have got the better of them, but he's sparring with 18 year olds, amateurs and stuff. Kids, like, 1-0, 2-0, 21 years old, they're just starting their pro career. So they're there as fans, like, 'Ah, I'm sparring with AB!' and you're beating him up. That's no big deal. You're supposed to work with him."

On how much Broner puts on a show for the press

"I think this is real, but whenever he's been with the team in the past, he's always been cool. He's always been cool with me in the past when I met him. This is different now. We're rivals now, we're going against each other. In the past, the times I met him, he's been cool with me. He's cool with loads of guys on the team, but there's been things he's said, even after this fight, a lot of the guys won't be cool with him. He's been too disrespectful, towards Floyd, towards the whole team. We ain't friends, but even if we were cool, we wouldn't be cool no more, because I think he's been disrespectful in some of the things he's said."

On why Floyd didn't show up

"I think Floyd wanted to be here, but I know he's been on the outside of the country doing stuff. He would've been here if he could've, but he'll be here tomorrow. He'll be at the weigh-in. He's en route, he's coming."

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