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Floyd Mayweather rips Adrien Broner: 'Does AB stand for Always Broke?'

Floyd Mayweather didn't take kindly to what Adrien Broner said yesterday, and has fired back hard.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Adrien Broner says there's "no beef" with him and Floyd Mayweather, but Mayweather may not agree. In an interview with FightHype, Mayweather absolutely thrashed Broner for comments made at yesterday's Broner-Theophane presser in Washington, DC.

Here's a snippet of what Mayweather said, but seriously, read the whole thing, because Mayweather really goes off.

"He said 'Hateweather Promotions,' I'm still trying to find out what AB stands for. Always Broke? I mean, that's what I thought AB stands for. Last year, I think Leonard made more money than Adrien Broner. He gave himself a 10-figure name: About Billions. We know he ain't never seen 8 figures or 9 figures. He's barely seen 7 figures. It could be safe to say that just one of my cars costs more than he made in his whole career. ... I think the best name for him is not 'The Problem,' it's Snake.' The reason why is because of this, say a snake is hurt and sick. You nurture that snake, you help that snake, you give that snake medicine, and you get that snake back to 100%. As soon as you turn your back, a snake will bite you."

I don't often respond to things with GIFs because while this is a blog on the internet, I think it's just gotten played out and boring, but:

I mean, jeez. Mayweather goes on to say that Broner "really lost" to Daniel Ponce De Leon, would have lost to Paulie Malignaggi if Malignaggi were a couple years younger, says Shawn Porter won 11 rounds, and brings up Broner's loss to Marcos Maidana, a fighter Mayweather beat twice after. He even slams Broner for having to give away tickets for his fights in Cincinnati.

It's really a thorough verbal lashing, and if there wasn't real beef in Broner's eyes before, there may be now.

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