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Adrien Broner loses title on the scales, again

Adrien Broner didn't make weight today, and was stripped of his 140lb world title after refusing to make a second attempt within the two-hour window. The fight will go on as scheduled.

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Adrien Broner nearly didn't show up for yesterday's final presser. And do you know what actually didn't show up for? A second chance to meet the 140lb limit to retain his WBA world title. Ashley Theophane hit the 140lb limit right on the nose, but Broner weighed-in just over the limit, tipping the scales at 140.4lbs in the nude.

From there Broner had two hours to shed the 0.4lbs, but he never showed back up to weigh-in again. Broner was then stripped of his belt for failing to make weight for the second time in his career. What's worse is that he might've just shaved off his beard and kept the belt and some money -- but that would've ruined the Rick Ross look chicks really dig.

So the fight will still go on tomorrow, but only Theophane will be eligible to take home the title if he wins. If Broner wins, the title will remain vacant. And surely this whole thing will only give more credence to those who claim that Broner hasn't matured a day past his 10th birthday.

"It's an unfortunate situation," Ellerbe told "It's very embarrassing and unprofessional. These young fighters need to understand the importance of taking their job very seriously and showing professionalism."

In order to pave way for the fight to continue as planned, Broner will have to compensate Theophane with a portion of his purse. Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe said the sides have hashed out a deal, but declined to disclose the amount Broner will have to pony up.

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