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Jessie Vargas: Sadam Ali intimidated by me

Jessie Vargas states his belief that Sadam Ali is afraid of him. Sadam Ali just laughs it off.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Welterweight contenders Jessie Vargas (26-1, 9 KOs) and Sadam Ali (22-0, 13 KOs) are set to meet this weekend on HBO when the two men vie for the vacant WBO world title. In the lead up to the fight Vargas has described Ali's fighting style as amateurish while attacking his resume. And yesterday, once again, Vargas had more to say about Ali, specifically saying the Ali was so afraid of him that he's changing his fighting style.

"I'm sure that he's intimidated because he knows what I can do to an iron chin," Vargas said before a presser on Thursday to hype a card that will take place at the DC Armory and will air on HBO. "For me to have (Bradley) knocked out, that opened everybody's eyes in the boxing world to know that I do have that punching power. There is an intimidation."

Vargas goes on to suggest that he's received inside information from Ali's camp about changes he's making in his style to prepare Ali for Vargas, which he sees as a sign of respect, and perhaps some form of capitulation.

"I have friends on the east coast who know and just things that they're planning on doing differently in training camp says a lot. It means they have a lot of respect for me, which they should. But I'm sure he prepared the best that he can so he'll show up and give a good fight the first couple of rounds."

Ali, for his part, doesn't make much of Vargas' claims, saying he thinks all the banter is just an attempt to get inside his head. He says it won't work and that Vargas is only making things worse for himself come fight night.

Who do you like in tomorrow night's match-up, Jessie Vargas or Sadam Ali?

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