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Canelo Alvarez: Criticism doesn't bother me, fight night weigh-ins 'aren't real'

Canelo Alvarez discusses his fight with Amir Khan, and some of the criticisms lobbed at the matchup.

On how surprised he was to fight Amir Khan

"I was surprised, but he's deserving. He's a fighter that's tall, he can fight pretty much at any weight. He's got great boxing ability, he's very fast. He took the fight for whatever reason, so I'm going to be prepared. I'm going to be ready. I don't like surprises, so I'm going to be ready for him."

"I saw him fight live when he fought against Maidana, and he's a very capable fighter. He's a very good fighter. He took the fight to Maidana and he won that fight, so I was impressed. He's a good fighter."

On critics of the matchup against Khan

"When you're inside the ring, nobody has an advantage. People are going to say what they want to say, but nobody has an advantage. I can do things right or do them wrong, I'm always going to be criticized, so that doesn't bother me. I have to be ready. I have to be ready for whatever he brings, that's what I'm focusing on."

On Canelo's fight night weights

Translator: "I can answer that, there's a little bit of a misconception. The only reason they call him a middleweight is because he won the title against Miguel Cotto. But if you look at his last 10 fights, he's fought at 154, 155. He's a 154 pounder. For this fight, in order to be for the middleweight title, it has to qualify so you have to go one pound up. The day of the fight weigh-in, it's unofficial. You weigh in the back and you weigh with clothes on. Whenever they weigh Canelo, it's not like he strips down and they weigh him. He weighs in with clothes. So him weighing 174, it's not real."

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