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Williams vs Matano: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Julian Williams faces Marcello Matano in tonight's Showtime boxing main event.

Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Tonight at 10:00 pm EST on Showtime from the Sands Bethlehem Event Center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Showtime presents a special edition tripleheader, with a world title eliminator main event and three top prospects in action.

In the main event, Philadelphia's Julian Williams (21-0-1, 13 KO) faces Italy's Marcello Matano (16-1, 5 KO) in an IBF junior middleweight eliminator, with the winner in line for a shot against Jermall Charlo in the coming months. Williams, 25, is a top prospect and emerging contender in the division, and a pretty heavy favorite in this fight.

On the undercard, middleweight prospect Antoine Douglas (19-0-1, 13 KO) will look to continue a run of destruction on Showtime broadcasts, as he faces veteran pressure fighter Avtandil Khurtsidze (31-2-2, 20 KO) in a 10-round bout. And Detroit's Tony Harrison (22-1, 18 KO) will face Fernando Guerrero (28-3, 20 KO) in another 10-round fight, a catchweight bout just north of the junior middleweight division.

BLH will be here with live coverage for all three fights.

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Julian Williams def. Marcello Matano by TKO (2:24 of round 7)

Avtandil Khurtsidze def. Antoine Douglas by TKO (0:33 of round 10)

Tony Harrison def. Fernando Guerrero by TKO (1:54 of round 6)

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Round 1: Pretty simple first round for Williams, who is much bigger physically. Matano is sort of jumpy and staying at a distance he can't do anything with. Williams 10-9

Round 2: So far, so good for Williams. Nothing special, just easy work that he's taking as it comes. Matano is really nervous in there. I don't mean, like, scared, just tons of nervous energy. Bouncing around, jittery. Williams just taking what's given to him. Williams 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Williams fighting relaxed, taking his time still. Matano has nothing that really bothers Williams or is going to beat him. Matano gets in close and tries to throw some shots, but nothing really there. Williams 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Matano trying to do some work to the body in close, but Williams landing counter shots throughout. Williams clips Matano with a right that appears to hurt Matano in the final minute. Williams with an uppercut late in the round. Williams 10-9, 40-36

Round 5: Matano is, at least, here to fight. The problem for him is not lack of effort or anything, he's just not nearly as good a fighter as Williams. Williams does get caught a little bit once in this round, but mostly it's just Williams having his way without trouble. Williams 10-9, 50-45

Round 6: Really awkward round as Matano is starting to just hurl himself toward Williams' general area more often. Matano landing a few here and there but Williams continues to win pretty handily. It's not a pretty fight or very good but it's a performance. Williams 10-9, 60-54

Round 7: Williams really digging in some rights to the body now. Matano trying to bang away, but gets caught hard with a counter left llate in the round. He's hurt and his legs are gone. He's staying up but the referee steps in. Williams TKO-7


Round 1: First minute lets us know there will be action, as expected. Khurtsidze is a little bulldozer, and he's throwing and coming forward, staying low (he can't help it), and getting inside. Douglas is tagging him with some shots, though. Khurtsidze just won't stop throwing and lands a good uppercut. This is not the fight that Douglas wants, and it's the fight Douglas can lose. Khurtsidze just unloading shots with Douglas in the corner. Pressure is on for Douglas, no doubt. Khurtsidze 10-9

Round 2: Khurtsidze threw 123 punches in the first round. Douglas is cut over the right eye now. The pressure on him is really not good, but he's landing still. It's just that he's being forced into a fight that is not to his advantage. Cut is pretty clearly bothering Douglas. This is a tough fight so far. Khurtsidze 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Douglas goes down early in the third round! He's through the ropes but up and fighting. He's not holding. 2:30 left in the round and Khurtsidze is just mauling him. Khurtsidze with another good right hand. Douglas trying to hold now. Khurtsidze with a right to the body, then a right uppercut. Left hand gets in. Douglas on the ropes again. He's throwing, but there's not much on those shots, and Khurtsidze will not back down. Douglas firing back at mid-ring! Douglas gets his legs back but this is still just an awful start for him in this fight. Khurtsidze baited him into the wrong fight from the get-go. And he's still landing shots. Khurtsidze 10-8, 30-26

Round 4: Douglas really showing some character, if you will, staying in this fight and working to find something to do. Khurtsidze, though, is just dominating the tempo of this fight. It's all the way he needed it. Khurtsidze slowing down a lot this round. Douglas really upping his own pace and outworking Khurtsidze. Khurtsidze with a decent left hand late, but Douglas got himself going this round. Douglas 10-9, Khurtsidze 39-36

Round 5: Douglas again keeping the pace up this round, and he's finding some real success. Khurtsidze hurt a bit with a minute and change left. Douglas putting shots together now. Khurtsidze lands some good shots down the stretch, but I like Douglas again in this round. Fun fight. Douglas 10-9, Khurtsidze 48-46

Round 6: Both guys throwing hard shots with Douglas against the ropes. Khurtsidze just standing there and taking bombs. Douglas landing more shots again this round. He's just winging shots. He's tired and throwing with everything he's got. Khurtsidze is tired, too, but he comes back hard in this round and wins it to stem the tide. Hard hitting, rough round on both sides. Khurtsidze 10-9, 58-55

Round 7: Douglas goes down hard to start the round! He's up and Khurtsidze is pouncing again. Douglas clipped and hurt again, and Khurtsidze is ALL OVER him. Khurtsidze throwing everything he's got. Douglas slipping as much as he can but not holding. Douglas has no legs left but Khurtsidze can't drop him again. Douglas doing his best to stay away from Khurtsidze, just walking around the ring and trying to buy time. Then Douglas sneaks in a hard right hand! oH SHIT! DOUGLAS IS LANDING HARD SHOTS! Douglas drilling him! Khurtsidze coming back now! He's throwing again! WOO! WHAT A ROUND! Khurtsidze 10-8, 68-63

Round 8: Khurtsidze stalking and pressing the action a bit here to start the third, but Douglas is there with him. Khurtsidze seriously just marching forward -- marching. Douglas with a quick combo. Well, quick for this point in this type of fight. Douglas really looking worse for wear in this round. He's on his bike and walking himself into corners, where he then does throw, but there's not much left on his shots. Khurtsidze 10-9, 78-72

Round 9: Douglas' body language is not good. There's a short shot on the chin from Khurtsidze. Douglas really doesn’t look like he has anything at all left. He’s just getting battered now. Douglas is getting smashed. He's not really throwing back anymore and is just hanging on. The fight's out of reach, pull him out before it gets worse. Khurtsidze 10-9, 88-81

Round 10: Khurtsidze starts off hot again, and Benjy Esteves jumps in at the first sign of trouble to stop the fight. Khurtsidze TKO-10


Round 1: First half of the round a feeling out process. Guerrero has fur on his boots but not Bruiser Brody level. Both guys jabbing so far. Harrison has a better jab. Right hand pushes Guerrero back a bit, and now he's caught in the corner with 25 seconds left. Harrison lets him out, but lands a 1-2 after that. Harrison 10-9

Round 2: Guerrero getting tagged plenty by right hands as this round goes along. Guerrero's defense is now non-existent. It was never good, but it basically doesn't exist now. Guerrero hurt late in the round with a right hand, and he's stuck in the corner. Time winding down, but he goes down face first with four seconds left in the round. Survives the round, as it were. Harrison 10-8, 20-17

Round 3: Guerrero trying to jab early in this round. But there's another right from Harrison. Jab sticks in Guerrero's face. Another right, another right, another right. Guerrero getting hammered in the corner again. Harrison just throwing bombs. Guerrero makes his way out of there, but he gets stung on another right hand. Another shot wobbles Guerrero. Guerrero has zilch. This should be his last fight at this level. Harrison 10-9, 30-26

Round 4: This is really just a matter of time now. Or maybe not, because Harrison suddenly isn't doing much in this round and Guerrero is closing the gap a bit more. Guerrero 10-9, Harrison 39-36

Round 5: Guerrero coming out with some aggression again this round, but Harrison gets him backed into a corner again. Guerrero tries to get out with a shot to the body, gets countered up top. Guerrero throwing from distance, not his best option. But this is certainly better. Harrison with a right hand. Guerrero staying active, poking shots to the body, then upstairs. Body shot from Guerrero. Harrison waiting a lot more. Guerrero puts shots together, Harrison catches him with a counter shot. Harrison missing shots, but now he's landing again and WHAM A COUNTER RIGHT HOOK FROM GUERRERO HURTS HARRISON! Harrison stays up and makes it out of the round. Guerrero 10-9, Harrison 48-46

Round 6: This has turned into a fight, just when it looked like it was getting out of hand. Both guys throwing and landing some shots now. Guerrero backs himself to the corner again, and gets SMASHED with a left hook that puts him down again. That one really hurt him. Guerrero has no legs when he gets back up, and Harrison finishes the fight with the referee jumping in as Guerrero goes down again. Harrison TKO-6

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