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Holly Holm wonders where boxing media was when she was a boxer

Yeah, where were we?

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Holly Holm, the former multiple-time boxing champion who is now most famous as the UFC bantamweight champion and conqueror of Ronda Rousey, spoke with The MMA Hour this week, ahead of her fight tonight against Miesha Tate at UFC 196.

One of the things that Holm, 34, discussed was her rise in fame as a UFC fighter, and the fact that boxing media pays more attention to her now than they did when she was actually in boxing.

"For me, it wasn't like, 'Oh I need spotlight,'" Holm said. "It was more like, 'Let's have opportunities so that women's boxing can grow.' If it's gonna bring attention to women's boxing, great. But if they ever ask me about it, I'll often call them out on it and ask, why now? You could have been covering this a long time ago."

... "The Preacher's Daughter" doesn't mind the attention that boxing media is giving her now. She's just bummed out that it took this long -- and that it took until she left boxing altogether.

"I love that they're supporting," Holm said. "And the fact that it brings any attention to boxing, great. Because I want there to be more attention on women's boxing, because I always wished it was there."

Holm obviously has a valid point here, and I'm as guilty of it as anyone. Women's boxing has long stayed well in the background of media's coverage of professional boxing over the years, and truthfully, even with Holm's rise to stardom with UFC, there's still extremely limited coverage of women's boxing. That goes for just about every boxing media outlet out there, including this one. And even if more outlets wanted to dedicate more coverage to women's boxing, it's more difficult simply because the fights aren't often as readily available on TV, particularly in the U.S., which not only limits the coverage that media can provide, but limits the potential development of the fan base.

But Holly Holm is absolutely right. There's really no arguing what she says in the interview, which you can watch in full here:

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