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Showtime boxing results: Tony Harrison stops Fernando Guerrero in six

Tony Harrison powered his way past Fernando Guerrero tonight on Showtime.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Tony Harrison wasn't perfect tonight, but the Detroit fighter slugged his way through a brave but outgunned Fernando Guerrero, winning his second straight fight following his first pro loss in 2015.

Harrison (23-1, 19 KO) started off very well, landing some good shots in the first round and then really opening up in the second, unleashing a lot of power shots and dropping Guerrero (28-4, 20 KO) with a barrage of shots in the corner. The third frame didn't go much better for Guerrero, as he was smashed around the ring some more, with Harrison landing power shots seemingly at will.

But Guerrero did get himself going a bit in the fourth and fifth rounds, upping his aggression and giving Harrison more to think about. Perhaps Harrison was putting something in reserves for the latter portion of the fight, learning some lessons from past mistakes. Whatever it was, he wasn't the same fighter in those two rounds, and though he still landed some clean shots, Guerrero was able to close the distance a bit more effectively, and get himself back in the fight.

Just as earlier it had seemed to be over before Guerrero made a little rally, though, Harrison shut that rally down as soon as it looked like maybe he was slipping. Guerrero backed himself into a corner in the sixth round, and was dropped hard to the canvas on a left hook from Harrison. Though Guerrero got up, his legs were gone, and there was no more fight in him. He went down again shortly after, and the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

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