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Bob Arum still wants Adrien Broner for Terence Crawford, and Danny Garcia for Jessie Vargas

Bob Arum says he has no problem working with Al Haymon's stable of fighters to make some marquee match-ups. In particular, he says he'd like to make a fight between 140lb titleholders Terence Crawford and Adrien Broner as well as 147lb titleholders Jessie Vargas and Danny Garcia.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In this video interview with FightHype, Top Rank promoter Bob Arum reiterates his claim that he's ready and willing to work with Al Haymon on making some good fights - again mentioning that he'd like to put his fighter Terence Crawford in against Al Hamon's guy Adrien Broner.

Arum on when fans can expect a war between Top Rank and Haymon to end:

"I'm not making a war, I'll fight any of their guys, any of their guys. They wanna make matches, and we have Terence Crawford, Adrien Broner wants to fight Terence Crawford, I'm happy to do it.

"For me, it's possible. I am only one side. Man, I'm not kidding, I'm not playing games. They want a guy, they want [Danny] Garcia to fight Jessie Vargas, I'd do it tomorrow."

It seems to me that Arum left out a few "ifs" in those statements, such as "if Haymon wants to make matches," "if Broner wants to fight Crawford," and "if Haymon wants Garcia to face Vargas," but he stands firm that he's willing to make fights like that happen -- despite his company's $100M lawsuit against Haymon.

Arum on what's the problem that keeps preventing fights like the one's he named from happening:

"For me there's no problem. For them, it seems to be a problem. They can solve their problem by getting on the phone, they know my number, and calling me up and we'd make the fight."

On whether or not he's ever made an attempt to make a fight with Haymon's stable:

"Im making an attempt fight now! I'm willing! They want to fight Crawford, give me Broner. They want to fight this kid Vargas, give me Danny Garcia."

On what he would say to Haymon right now if here were listening:

"Just 'I'm ready to do it, Al!' I'm ready to do it."

These proposed matches are good fights to make, and it sounds to me that Arum recognizes that with his stable wearing a bit thin, there aren't many intriguing fights left to be made in-house at either 140 and 147lbs.

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