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Victor Ortiz: Andre Berto is going to get the rematch he's been looking for

Victor Ortiz says that he's back again, and that he'll be making his return to the ring on April 30th.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

'Vicious' Victor Ortiz caught-up with FightHype to talk about his upcoming plans for his boxing career.

Ortiz on designs to win a welterweight championship:

"What's up, guys. According to the fans I've retired, but then again, I'm fighting April 30th so I don't know how that's possible. It's been an interesting career for me but, umm, I'm back. I put acting aside just because I know what I want, and that's the championship, so 147, I'm here. And I'm here for the taking so..."

On Andre Berto saying he wants a rematch of the 2011 Fight of the Year:

"He's gonna get it, and we're looking at April 30th so Andre Berto, I'm gonna remind you who I am again."

On whether or not he really wants the rematch with Berto:

"Oh hell yeah. Come on, you had to cheat twice on steroids in order to beat me and you still can't beat me?! Get out of here, man. You're lucky I'm even thinking about giving you a chance. But it's okay, 'cause here's the thing, I'm ready once again, and this time I'm gonna end him."

"To be honest with you, that's not the rematch I was looking for, I wanted Floyd Mayweather. But honestly we all know that Floyd Mayweather, he runs...I understand it, so at the end of the day, I get what, a Berto rematch. Why not?! He thinks he's the greatest, hey, everybody has a dream, but I'm in your way so too bad."

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