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Tyson Fury picking Wilder over Povetkin, Martin over Joshua

Tyson Fury likes Deontay Wilder and Charles Martin to make successful title defenses, plus gives his thoughts on Lucas Browne, Mike Tyson, and more.

On what he's been up to

"Nothing's changed. Just been chilling, eating, drinking, taking drugs, partying, doing a lot of sex, too."

On Lucas Browne's failed drug test in Russia

"I told you about these waters, didn't I? What did I say at the Klitschko fight? Someone was trying to hand me drinks of water, I said no, don't give me nothing. Yeah? He's taking drinks from everybody, they slip it in, game over. Why do you think I wouldn't take a drink until I got home? I was dying for a drink. I was dehydrated. I could've drunk a five gallon drum of water. But I'd never, because of the drug situation. Too smart for that lot."

On Deontay Wilder vs Alexander Povetkin

"I think Wilder will chin him. Povetkin is too small and he's chinny as you like. He's like a midget compared to us. ... Wilder's as big as me. (Povetkin) looks like a lightweight. If Wilder can chin him, and we know (Povetkin's) chinny as you like, because every time Klitschko touched him on the face, he went down. Did he go down about 19 times? So there you are."

On his future

"Listen, I'll fight Klitschko, the winner of Povetkin and Wilder, which will be Wilder, in my opinion, and the winner of Martin and Joshua, which will be Martin in my opinion. But then again, what do I know about boxing? Not very much! As we've found out over the years."

On Anthony Joshua maybe being rushed

"It's 4 to 1, isn't it? 7 and a half to 1 for a knockout. I'm backing Martin heavily on a knockout. Considering he's coming over from America to England to fight a hype job, he's gonna need a knockout, because they're not going to gift him a decision. So the only way he's gonna win anyway is by knockout. It's an easy fight."

On Shannon Briggs chasing David Haye

"Good luck to the fella. How old is he, 50 years old, or whatever he is? Good luck. I hope he earns plenty of money, and I hope he gets as many fights as he wants. He's a nice fella, he does his job. He promotes, entertains, that's what it's all about."

"I think he's an inspiration to all men, to be honest. The guy's, what is he? Late 40s or whatever he is. He's 20 years out of date, but he's an inspiration because look at the body on him, for a man his age. He's not much younger than my dad, and my dad ain't in that shape. No one I know 40 years old is in that shape. I'm not even in that shape, at 27! Credit to him. He's an inspiration to all men, but there'd be no such thing as past gone champions if age didn't mean anything, would it? Ali would still be champion. We have age categories for a reason."

On his top five best heavyweights of all time

"Tyson Fury, number one. Number two, Muhammad Ali. Number three, Michael Spinks. Number four, Lennox Lewis. Number five, George Foreman. Not in any order, not for the sake of who can beat who, because Michael Spinks was knocked out by Mike Tyson in a round. But that doesn't mean what I'm going at -- Mike Spinks was a hell of a boxer, he could box like you never seen. Larry Holmes has gotta be in there, as well. I could beat all of them, so don't worry about it. I beat the man who beat the man 26 times."

On Mike Tyson

"The reason why he doesn't rank up there with them guys, because everyone he fought who fought back, he lost. When it comes to heavyweights, I know what I'm talking about. I wouldn't say there's anybody in the world with more boxing knowledge on the heavyweights than myself, and if you are out there, let's have a sitdown and go over it, because I know heavyweights."

On the best heavyweight to never win a world title

"It was hard to win a heavyweight title in the 70s and 60s, there wasn't 25 titles, there was one or two or whatever. There's been a lot of good heavyweights who never won titles. Earnie Shavers, George Chuvalo, the other white fella who fought Chuvalo and fought Foreman, can't think -- not Cooney, the shorter one. Can't think of his name. Cooney was a decent heavyweight, he challenged for a world title. There was a lot of good heavyweights around from the past who never won titles, when it was hard to win, when there was only one belt. But today it's easier."

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