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Timothy Bradley: Pacquiao still has lethal power, was just the better man

Timothy Bradley discusses his loss to Manny Pacquiao n Saturday night.

On Pacquiao's performance

"He just fought with a good game plan. He was patient enough to just -- you know, I wasn't disciplined enough to not fall in and not reach at him. He just kinda lured me in and counter-punched. He was successful doing that tonight."

On whether or not he got frustrated

"No, I was trying to get him to come a little bit more, and when he came, he came in surges. But it was, like, I could never get his rhythm, I could never get his timing down. He would fake, he would step out, he would step in. Then I would use my jab, but he just knew what I was gonna be doing. I was trying to set him up for that right hand, but he was on to it."

On what's next

"I don't know. I'm just going to go home, relax, see my family. I don't know what's next, honestly."

On the first knockdown

"It didn't get me off my game plan. Knockdowns happen. I got up, I kept trying to follow directions, but it felt like I couldn't get to him. I was trying to use my jab, trying to get around him, but it just wasn't working this time."

On Pacquiao changing from before

"He was just patient. He was waiting on me to commit and make a mistake, and then counter."

On Pacquiao being better this time

"He was relaxed. He kept his composure. He used his experience. I fought the best I could tonight. I did my best. We trained hard. Teddy, my team, we trained extremely hard for this. Manny was just a better man tonight."

On the second knockdown

"He hurt me, but it happens. I hit the ground, I hit the canvas, but I was OK. I was fine. He couldn't finish me. (laughs)"

On what he'd tell his supporters

"We came up short tonight. I'm sorry, but I will be back. This isn't the end for me. I will come back stronger."

On doing well early in the fight

"It felt good, but I didn't do what I was supposed to do tonight. I didn't follow directions like I was supposed to do, and pretty much, Manny exposed me."

On a possible fourth fight

"I don't know if there'll be another four. But good job to Manny Pacquiao and his team."

On his game plan

"The game plan was four things. Lure him in, counter-punch, counter when he throws the straight left, lean to the ring, catch him with the hooks. Don't pull back too close, I did that a couple of times and got hit. Jab him, move around, get around him. That was the game plan."

On Pacquiao's speed and output

"He fought in spots, guys. Volume-wise, he controlled me a little bit with his jab and his foot movement. Moved me into position, then he exploded. He was patient, he was smart. He allowed me to make mistakes and then countered me."

On Pacquiao still having it

"Yeah. Oh, yeah. He's still got power. Lethal power in that left hand. Definitely."

On the "log in the ocean"

"I was supposed to drag him in, push him back. Drag him in, push him back. Log in the ocean. Anything that goes in the ocean is controlled by the ocean. He was the ocean tonight, I wasn't. I was a log."

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