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Manny Pacquiao: Bradley was improved, it was a harder fight

Manny Pacquiao gives some quick thoughts following his press conference.

On Saturday's outcome

"I'm happy because of the result of the fight, and we entertained people."

"My plan is to go back to the Philippines, focus on the campaign, and spend time with my family."

On nobody believing he'll retire

"I don't know yet. I might enjoy retired life. I might not. So I cannot say right now that, you know -- because I'm not there yet."

On what he'd tell his fans

"Thank you to all the fans for always supporting us. ... I'm going to miss boxing."

On Timothy Bradley

"He improved. Before he didn't have a counter punch. Now he has a counter punch, a body punch. ... It was a harder fight, but better than the last two fights."

On getting the knockdowns

"I'm so happy, because every round, I was looking for a knockout."

On a fifth fight with Juan Manuel Marquez

"I'm retired. That's another story!"

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