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Oscar Valdez to featherweight titleholders: 'Nothing personal, I just want their belts'

Oscar Valdez discusses his win over Evgeny Gradovich, and his future plans.

On his win over Evgeny Gradovich

"I didn't imagine it like that. I thought it was gonna go the distance, to be honest. I was well prepared for this fight to go all 10 rounds. If we had to go toe to toe, if I had to box him, if I had to do what I had to do, I was expecting to go all 10 rounds. I was in shape to go all 10 rounds. The knockout win, I got very excited, because I didn't expect it."

On grading his own performance

"I've always got plan A, plan B. So if I were to rate 1 to 10, I would say a 9. You can always do better than you've done. I think I did exactly what we had to do. My trainer told me to throw a jab, throw three jabs, I tried to do it. He told me throw the right hand, dig to the body -- everything the was telling me from the corner, I was trying to do it. I did exactly what he told me to do, and he went down by his own. We're very happy for this."

On what made the difference

"My team. From my manager, Frank Espinoza, to my father, Manny Robles, my trainers, we all do our job. That has a lot to do with it. You win the fights in the gym. To win the fights, you gotta first win it in the gym. This fight was very different. It could've been difficult if we didn't do the right things. But I did what my trainer told me to do, and I surprised with a knockout."

On whether he's ready to fight for a title

"Oh, yeah, I'm ready! I've been saying I'm ready! But I respect the decisions of the experts. The experts say I wasn't ready. I don't know if they think now I'm ready, but I feel I'm ready to fight with the big names, the guys with the belts. Got nothing person with none of these fighters, I just want their belts. (laughs) I wanna take their belts. If they say I'm ready for my next fight for a world title, I'll more than gladly take it. That's my dream, to be a world champion."

On when he'll fight next

"Right now, I feel fresh. I'm not tired. I've got nothing too damaged. So I'll give it three days to go back in the gym, and keep on working hard. That news may come. When it comes, I'm gonna be ready."

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