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Canelo Alvarez kicks off Tecate's "Born Bold" campaign

Canelo Alvarez begins his English crossover push with a new commercial for Tecate Light.

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Tecate officially announced their nation-wide expansion of Tecate Light today, and what better way for the Mexican beer brand to do that than with rising Mexican star Canelo Alvarez.

It was announced back in February that the beer company had inked a deal with Canelo Alvarez to be the spokesman for their new "Born Bold" campaign -- the first time they ever signed an endorsement deal with an individual fighter -- and here's what they've come up with for an advertising campaign.

Through a press release, this Flashy commercial "highlights [Tecate's] new partnership with Mexican super star Canelo Alvarez, while putting its fearless icon center stage (or ring), as he inspires Canelo to ditch the bling and stay true to his roots."

All in all, the commercial itself seems like pretty standard stuff. Not necessarily as funny or creative as those string of Allstate mayhem commercials - but hey - I guess it's something. And whether or not you like it, or are just simply indifferent, you can expect to see a lot more of this around as Tecate plans to "heavily promote" the advertisement heading into Canelo's May 7th fight against Amir Khan.

So stay thirsty, my friends...oh wait, wrong beer...

Be "Born Bold!"...Ehhh, still doesn't sound right...



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