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Jessie Vargas wants rematch with Timothy Bradley, says Pacquiao looked good

Jessie Vargas discusses Pacquiao-Bradley III, his desire for a rematch with Tim Bradley, and more.

On Pacquiao-Bradley III

"I think Manny looked very good. He impressed all of us. He showed that he still has a lot left in him. He still has the speed, he still has the power. I don't think a lot of us want to see him retire just yet. I think he has much more gas in the tank.

On Timothy Bradley

"It seemed like he was very patient. I mean, he fought a good fight! He made it competitive. But I think he was too defensive. He was trying to steal Manny Pacquiao's moments, but by doing so, he was just taking off, and taking Manny's shots away, you know what I mean? Moving out of the way, and whenever he could he would counter. The times when he did attack, he did have success. But it seemed to be very few times that he did attack. That was the problem, I think."

On Bradley's game plan

"He must have saw Floyd's fight against Manny Pacquiao and said, 'You know what? I'm gonna try that.' But there's only one Floyd. He was trying to use angles, trying to keep him off, but he wasn't able to do it. So he should have just turned around and started attacking him like he did in the fourth, fifth round, the sixth now and then. When he did it, he did it very well, but he didn't do it enough."

On unfinished business with Bradley

"With me, he -- I think that they just had a different game plan this fight. Tim Bradley has always been the same Tim Bradley. He's a very talented fighter and he will continue to be. He's fast, he's explosive, he's consistent, and he has plenty of experience. But he seems to be the same Bradley, he just elected to move around and be more in defensive mode. In our fight, we were going at it a little more. He hasn't changed. If we were to fight again, the only fighter between he and I who has changed is me. I have become a stronger fighter, more experienced, and a fighter who comes in wanting to knock people out because of that last fight. Because of what happened in that last round, now I'm doing it earlier, thanks to this man, Dewey Cooper. We're a great team. We're looking forward to continuing to impress the fans, and look for big, sensational knockout wins. They took it from me in the 12th round against Tim, so now we're not waiting for the 12th."

On Pacquiao retiring

"That decision is only for him. I wouldn't know what to say there. I do know that his coach mentioned a fight against Terence Crawford seemed interesting, if he were to come back. With his trainer saying that, it must mean he thinks he has a lot left, and he should be able to come back."

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