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Bob Arum plans Roberto Duran-Julio Cesar Chavez exhibition match for Terence Crawford PPV

Do you want to see two old legends slug it out for two whole rounds?

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Let's run through Bob Arum's latest idea -- pitting Hall of Fame fighters Roberto Duran and Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. against one another in a two round exhibition match. Yes, you read that right. The proposed match would appear on the July 23rd PPV card expected to be headlined by Terence Crawford and Viktor Postol.

Top Rank has already contacted the Nevada State Athletic Commission to see if they could get such a match approved. Although a few details regarding the proposed fight still needs to be ironed out before the commission would approve the idea (like the fight weight), they are said to be considering it. Arum says that both fighters would use head gear and 16oz gloves for the match.

"I don't want anyone to get hurt," Arum said. "It's fun, which is what it's supposed to be. We'll have a good card and this will be an added bonus and we'll have fun. We'll pay tribute to the two greatest Hispanic fighters."

Chavez Sr., 52, and Duran, 65, are both said to to want to do the fight after Arum met with the fighters during fight week of Pacquiao-Bradley III. Duran was in L.A., promoting his upcoming "Hands of Stone" biopic which opens this August.

"Roberto was crazy for the idea. He loved it. It helps promote the movie, which will also be one of the sponsors for the July 23 card. They were just going to do it but now they'll get some mileage out of it and make some money. We're going to get sponsors and give them gifts and honor these two Hispanic greats."

Arum also said that when discussing the fight with Duran, Duran had said that he would kill Chavez in a fight. Chavez reportedly told Arum that he would beat up Duran. "I think they were joking," said Arum, "but who the hell knows with these guys."

What say you, fans? Would this novelty idea be enough to spur PPV sales for a Crawford-Postol PPV? Is it just a stupid idea altogether. Could it possibly be both?!

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