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Amir Khan: I will definitely shock the world come May 7th

Amir Khan knows he won't be stronger than Canelo on fight night, but says his skills will secure him the victory.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Amir Khan is fully confident he can shock the world on May 7th with an upset win over Canelo Alvarez. Khan is aware that he can't afford to have any lapses in defense during the fight or it could cost him dearly, so he's been working with trainer Virgil Hunter on keeping a laser-like focus. He also feels that his speed and combination punching with give him the advantage over Canelo in close quarters.

"We're doing everything right. I mean, look, my skills are what's going to win me this fight. I know I'm not going to be stronger than Canelo in any way.

"I'm not going to be thinking I'm stronger than Canelo, but I'm going to stand with him and fight with him. I think my skills in this fight will win me the fight... I don't think that Canelo's experienced speed with combinations and speed with power."

I can't say I think it's a great idea for Khan to stand and mix it up with Canelo for any stretch of time, but let's face it, although Khan may be fleet-footed, I don't rate his ring generalship especially high. Essentially that means that no matter how quick he may move on his feet, he'll invariably find himself in a spot where he'll have to at least try to fight Canelo off of him.

One benefit that Khan does have in this respect is that Canelo really isn't a super-aggressive fighter -- he's often looking for counter punching opportunities. I'd expect that's something Khan hopes to exploit with his considerable hand speed advantage.

On the flip side, however, three of Khan's punches may not have the same effect as one delivered by Canelo, who is an especially murderous body puncher. Khan might have bulked up for this fight, but his naturally wiry frame seems vulnerable to a body attack from Canelo. And if Canelo can negate Khan's foot movement by hurting him to the body, well, let's just say he'll be stuck between a rock and a hard fist.

Khan though, god bless him, feels that he's already prepared for whatever Canelo will bring to the table, and is more than ready to pull off the upset.

"I would say I will definitely shock the world come May 7, otherwise I wouldn't take the fight."

We're now just a few weeks away from Amir Khan turning the boxing world upside down...

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