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ShoBox results: Potapov-Young ends in draw, Menard scores brutal KO

Tonight's ShoBox tripleheader produced some interesting looks at prospects, and a vicious KO of the Year candidate.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Nikolay Potapov D-10 Stephon Young

This is a fight that wound up a draw and there's just no controversy whatsoever. Both guys had their moments, but nobody really took control of the fight, the scores -- 96-94 Potapov, 95-95, 95-95 -- all made sense. BLH also had it 95-95.

Potapov (14-0-1, 6 KO) took the first two rounds on our card, then Young (14-0-3, 6 KO) rattled off the next four. They went back and forth from there, basically, but Young did seem to fade a bit down the stretch, and Potapov took three of the last four rounds on our card. It wasn't really all that hard of a fight to score, actually -- I never felt unsure of who won a round.

To be perfectly honest, neither of these fighters looked like future contenders at bantamweight. If I were to pick who I think has the higher upside, it's Stephon Young. Potapov is a bit more mechanical, and clearly lacks any real power. Young had a bit more to his game, stuff that maybe can be refined and make him a more complete fighter.

Mason Menard KO-3 Eudy Bernardo

This was two guys with inflated records, Bernardo's coming from the Dominican Republic, and Menard's from Louisiana, two places where you can fluff up your W-L totals fairly easily.

Bernardo (21-1, 15 KO) was taller and lankier, but Menard (31-1, 23 KO) showed the much better skills, dropping Bernardo in the second round, and forcing him to fight on the back foot. Bernardo just didn't look comfortable once Menard actually started landing punches. Menard, on the other hand, showed some nice speed, some real patience, and good accuracy and poise. In the third, he absolutely obliterated Bernardo with an overhand right, knocking Bernardo clean out. Hopefully Bernardo is OK, as he was taken out on a stretcher quickly. Menard may be one to watch, though -- this could be a hidden gem sort of fighter.

Constantin Bejenaru UD-8 Alexey Zubov

Zubov, a Kronk fighter from Russia, had a miserable night here, never getting untracked and never seriously threatening to win the fight. He did score a flash knockdown in the seventh round, but that was really his only highlight over the eight rounds.

Bejenaru, who was shorter, controlled the fight by neutralizing anything that Zubov (10-1, 6 KO) might have even wanted to do. The taller man never got a jab established. He never got anything established. Bejenaru (11-0, 3 KO) used a jittery sort of footwork to frustrate and shut down Zubov. There was nothing really special that he did to win this fight, he was just better. Scores were 77-74, 78-73, and 78-73, which were fair. BLH had it 77-74.

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