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Gennady Golovkin: Canelo is the same size as me! He's too big for Pacquiao!

Gennady Golovkin gives an update on his training camp and his thoughts on a potential fight between Manny Pacquiao and Canelo Alvarez.

On his training camp for Dominic Wade:

"I know my job, I don't watch a lot of fights...I don't know a lot [about] Dominic Wade. I know my job, I know my situation, I know my work.

"No, I'm not scared [of what Wade brings to the table]. Every step is important, this is an important fight for me."

On a potential unification fight against Canelo Alvarez and Team Canelo wanting a few more fights before facing him at the middleweight limit:

"You know I'm a sole challenger and I have a interim belt. I want [the] fight now because just for me it's very important - who is number one, who is true champion. Ok, Canelo he's a good fighter, he understands that this is serious business...I think he's ready."

On whether or not he believes Canelo is already a legitimate middleweight:

"Absolutely, yeah. He's the same size like me. His weight like me. He wants 155. 155 is different, this is second question, this is business question. He's middleweight champion - middleweight is 160."

On whether or not he's worried about missing out on his shot at Canelo with all the talk of a potential Pacquiao fight:

"You know, this is business fight. I think Canelo, he's too big [for] Manny. Manny, he's huge champion - right now, for what? For 155?! I think [it's] too much for Manny...Canelo comes in at 155 and the next day he is 175...he's too big. He's not respect boxing."

On his Jordan sponsorship:

"I work with Jordan...I'm very excited. It's big support, big attention for me. I appreciate it."

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